I've been blogged! Three times!

I have been bloogged for my LEGO Up house proposal! Once by Pixar Talk, and once by Pixar’s own Jeff Pidgeon! pixartalk.com/2012/06/pixar- … qus_thread , once by Pixar’s own Jeff Pidgeon, and once by Upcoming Pixar! The people who bough the real replica in Utah know of it too! Support it everyone! You know you want a kit!

Congratulations, your work is amazing! I’d be so happy if this happened.

Support it?

Congrats mate! The house is looking better! I supported it myself.

@Geoff, when’d you support it? I only see 30.

I can’t remember but I definitely did support it. It was several months ago.

As I’ve said before, I’m so happy for you, MTM buddy! :smiley: