IV's junk

I thought so, too. She barely even ages!! To me, she looks like a teen in the beginning, and close to the end, she’s just more…developed, if you see what I mean. She looks better when she’s older, more adult, not aged, just more matured.

Yeah I know!! I do think she looks a little older in the end like 32-35 though just because shes a mother you know. if she wasnt a mother I would think that she was a little younger. :slight_smile:

If she’s 35, I want to age like that. :laughing: She’s pretty…attractive for a mom, and I’m a straight female. I won’t lie. Mr. Incredible is very lucky. Though I’m sure his abs and biceps even it out…

I agree, I’m a straight female myself and I find her attractive. The one thing I cannot stand is when people on the internet disrespect her [spoiler]Some people call her bad names like MILF and slut…exc :unamused: :angry: .

That makes me sooooo angry I cant even stand it!!!


I only put that in spoiler because I find those words offensive and I didnt want them visible on PP. I just needed to get my point across. :slight_smile:

Yeah…that makes me ill. However, it’s nice that they admit that they find a CGI girl so hot…but that’s just gross. Do not go to Deviant Art or Fanfiction.net. Those places have horribly kinky stuff about her in huge pools. Sometimes, if it’s with Bob, it doesn’t bother me. Otherwise, ick!!!

Yes I have a deviantart and I go on fanfiction all the time but I only read the good stories.

I used to, but DA gave me spam ware, and fanfic just…ew. HelenXLucious is wrong, HelenXBuddy is wrong, BobXMirage is wrong, just…I only even like those two if they’re together. I hate it when they’re separated.

Me too they cannot ever be separated they are too good for eachother and they love eachother too much to I could never even picture that happening and it makes me sick to even think about it! :confused: Helen and Bob <3 <3 <3 Those names even sound good together.

I want them to die together. I want for them what most normal people want for themselves. I want them to be infinitely happy together. As a pair, they just, make me…so.happy. They’re like my dream parents. I love them almost as much as they love each other, especially as a marital unit. <3

I love the pics Virginia! I especially like the “family dynamic” one, that’s my absolute favorite screenshot from the entire film. Butt-kicking pose: fun for whole family :smiley: When I get tired of this old sig, would you mind if I used that one??

I do the same thing, I treat them like they are my own parents. :laughing: and they make me happy as well. :smiley:

Evil, of course!! Please do!! Thank God someone likes them, because I’m so ashamed. :laughing:

MB, yeah, I wish they were my parents. Helen’s so devoted, and Bob’s so laid back. We’d get along just fine. :sunglasses:

lol, how can she be a [spoil]MILF [/spoil]if she’s not a mom…or is she? :astonished:

Nice graphics Virginia!

Shes a mother, :smiley: and a fantastic one too :-D)

I can’t believe I missed this. Very nice job on all of them. Very expressive about your favorite pairing IV. Keep it up.

EJE, sorry you disagree, but Helen’s a pretty hot mama. :laughing: And thanks, too. It’s nice that people actually like these. :laughing:

TSS, thanks. I still wish I had more than paint to work with, but I’m glad you guys like them.

Hahha, I mis read the original! I thought ya’ll were referring to Mirage! Oops!

LOL :laughing:

My avatar being of the whole family was killing me. I hope to find a decent kiss shot, but I’ve had no luck thus far.

I love the avatar I will look for a kiss shot if ya want me to. :smiley: