IV's junk

Well, I tried. What do you guys think? I only have paint, no fancy stuff, so sadly, all I can do is write on existing images.

Looks great! :wink: :sunglasses:

Thanks!! But now that it’s full size, I wonder, can you even read it? I may have to retry :unamused:

Nice work Incredigirl! :smiley:

Thanks you, Leirin!! :smiley:

It looks good IV!

Have you thought about increasing the font size a little? It might be easier to see that way.

I really like it though. “The family dynamic” goes well with the image.

This is great! :smiley:

That’s a good idea. I’ll try to make it better. Thanks, guys!! :smiley:

I love this scene, and find it really funny. Sorry if I offend anyone, but I really hate Mirage.

I love these two, and I had a dream that this was why she wouldn’t kiss him. :laughing:

I tried to fix the other one.

Cute graphics! :smiley:

Thank you, MB!!! I like all those scenes, but my favorite of the three has to be the forced kiss. I <3 that scene…

BTW, these stink, but I would be honored if anyone were to use them.

I adore that scene too!! I love how Helen was in the middle of a sentence when Bob kissed her. :smiley:

Yeah. :laughing: “You lousy, lying, unfaithful cree~~mmmm”

:laughing: It always sends chills down my spine. I just love their pairing so much. I don’t know why, but I love how he moans when he kisses her. :blush:

ME TOO!! :slight_smile: They are such a realistic couple and I am crazy about that! I also love how when he kisses her she just melts into his arms. <3 :-D)

Yes, I like the whole idea of hr surrendering to his love. <3

This is crazy, I have never met a person who feels exactly the way I do about them. All my friends just think I’m a freak because if it. :frowning: Its awesome to agree with someone on everything for once! :-D)

Yeah, it’ strange for people in our age group to be thrilled by a middle aged couple, but almost all Pixar couples make me scream, especially Helen and Bob. <3

Yeah!! You know whats funny though, I never considered them a middle aged couple. 8D During the movie I thought that Helen looked like 35 :smiley: but I knew that didnt make sense considering they have been married for 15 years haha. Bob however I thought looked like he was 40.

I like to imagine them in different scenarios in my head, and in my fantastic world, she was 15 when they married, and he was 30, making her now 30 and him 45. That’s pedophalia, but I don’t care. I really want her to be a lot younger than him. In my world she also has no father, so he fills the emptiness in her life. <3 :`-( Yes, I put too much thought into this…

Well… she did look a lot younger then him in the movie I thought.