Jon's art

Hey everyone, I saw this site thanks to

PixarVixen on DA. Just thought I’d throw down my Pixar/Disney/Dreamworks (only Iron Giant due to Brad Bird’s

connection to Pixar through creating The Incredibles) fan art


















OMG thay look just like thay do in

the movies nice drawing 100mileDash!!! :smiley:

Nice job. I can’t wait to see more. :smiley:

First, welcome to

Pixar Planet, 100miledash! :smiley: :sunglasses:

Second, your

art is absolutely unbelievable! Man, I’m amazed! You’ve got just the perfect “touch” to


Very nice job, you rule! :stuck_out_tongue:

I really, really love the Syndrome and The Incredibles. You are a really talented artist. I love it. Please

draw more.

Oh my god! GOOB! glomps Goob :mrgreen:

Your [i]Iron

Giant[/i] and Incredibles pieces are awesome, too. :smiley:

Welcome to

Pixar Planet, 100mileDash! I already found you over at deviantART.


Oh…I need to tell you we only allow Pixar-related fan art here, but don’t worry about what you’ve

posted so far. :wink:


You are such a talented artist! You must

draw more. We’d all love to see it! Oh, and The Iron Giant was actually distributed by Warner Bros. , not

DreamWorks. Just thought I’d let you know. :smiley:

Great art ya got there!!! Very versatile styles too! What mediums do you use?


Great job,

100mileDash! :smiley: I loved every single one of those pics, specially the one with

Mike! His expression is adorable! The Iron Giant one is very cool, too. :slight_smile:
I wanna see more pics from you!


Great balls of fire!! Dude

– you’ve got the skill, man!! Absolutely fantastic and awesomely incredible artwork, I must say. Blows me away!

The fur on Sulley is wonderfully detailed, and your Incredibles and

Iron Giant “tributes” are amazing.


job[/b]!! I can’t wait for more! :smiley:

Oh, and welcome to [i]Pixar

Planet[/i] by the way. :wink:

Jon, if you do decide to draw

more, could you draw more Incredibles please?


those are some gorgeous pieces of art you’ve done there! I love all of The Incredibles ones, especially the

Syndrome one- very powerful, especially the way you’ve done the electricity running up his arm- and the way

you’ve portrayed Sulley’s fur is astounding! It must’ve taken so long!


Soooooo many replies already! You guys rock.

First off, I wanna draw Bowler-Hat-Guy next. More Incredibles

would be fun too though. Yes, when I drew Sully two years ago I wasn’t very patient with details like hair (I’m

still not!) so after a while I stopped trying to follow the pic I was using and just drew lots of lines.


Second, thanks for the reminder, forgot Iron Giant was Warner Bros. completely! I knew something

didn’t feel right giving Dreamworks credit…

And third, sorry 'bout the non-Pixar stuff. I just assumed

Disney was close enough because of their ownership of Pixar.

Again, thanks for all the comments! Keep

drawing everyone!

Hehe. Yeah, send us some

more drawings, 100mileDash! I’d post some of my drawings if I could, but I do mine in a sketchbook. I think it

would be hard to scan the drawings.

Oh, do you take requests? :smiley:

Bill, I scan my sketches

directly from my sketchbooks. If there’s a door on your scanner that you can open wide enough, it’ll work.



PV: Thanks for the info!

I’ll draw some Pixar sketches now!

Back to 100mileDash’s fan art.

Welcome Dash!!! Very cool drawings! The Emporer’s New Groove is pretty much my favorite

movie of all time.

My drawings aren’t in a sketchbook, or should I say,

they aren’t physically attached. All my drawings are either on printer paper or college rule (doodles for the

most part) and are put into plastic protection sleeves in my “drawing binder”. When I scan, I use

Scanner Wizard which allows me to customize the brightness of whatever it is scanning and that leaves drawings

nice and dark since I crank it down to about 87 every time. Try it out; it really makes a difference.


yes, and I would love to do some requests. It’s a great source for motivation.

Could you do Geri from Geri’s Game ?

Incredibles please. Could you draw some Incredibles for

me? My top four choices are Violet, Helen, then Bob, and Dash.