Jurassic Park

I saw the first movie for the first time last night. Loved it! Looking forward to seeing it on the big screen July 26, 2013.

I love the first JP, but I hate the sequels.

Jurassic Park is a special for us.

While listening to the end credits as children, we fell in love with filmmaking. And that’s what we’re still doing today.

Who’s “we”?

Me and my siblings.

[url]Jurassic Park 3D - Official Trailer (HD) - YouTube


Count me in :smiley:

I’ve actually never seen Jurassic Park. In it’s entirety. I remember seeing it when I was suuuuper little.

You should go see it when it comes out in 3D next Friday, I’m gonna see it IMAX 3D a few days after, I can’t wait :smiley:

That would actually probably be a very epic film in 3D.

I’ll have to be counted out. It would be good in 3D but I don’t have the money. 8D Oh well, DVD time!

I had watch this movie and i really liked it a lot.