just another CARS fan fiction...

The Nature of Fear
a CARS fan fiction by


just as promised - i started translating my fan fiction. so here comes a very first part.

but be aware - it is creepy, it is dark, it is unpleasant, and it is written for adult

readers. although it has a fluffy ending - if you wanna know how it feels to be taken hostage, please go


[b]caution (1) - this is a translation from

german to english, and i hope my use of words is not too awkward… please feel free to correct


caution (2) - Contains explicit language, violence and in one scene insinuation of attempted (but

failed) sexual violence. (Rated 16 years


[url=http://www.futuremania.de/fear.html]Chapter 1 - A Date

and a Robbery[/url]
Chapter 2 - Into the Woods

(not yet complete)
Chapter 3 - Between Hammer and Anvil
Chapter 4 - There is

no Silver Line at the Horizon - it is Grey…
Chapter 5 - Epilogue

Cool. :sunglasses: It looks

like Sally is very busy.

I’m trembling of fear , just give him the money

already so she doesn’t get hurt ! :shake: we can chase the dude later !

he he, this is just the beginning.
it’s getting worse…

[size=92]Wow, poor Sally! O.O Awesome stuff so far,


:cry: is Sally going to be ok? Anything but

the porchse!

very cool :sunglasses: though

well… hm… not

i warned you. this is going to get worse.

[size=92]Ohehmgee, the suspeeeense…WRITE FASTER! :laughing: [/size]

OMG! I dont even have to sense

trouble in this one, cuz it’s already here! and something bad’s going to happen to sally? Oh my! I need to know

what happens, lol!

your wish is my command… :smiling_imp:

oh man! I just read that update! poor sally! At least Lightning found out. I was afraid lightning wouldnt find

out why sally couldnt meet him.

[size=92]Go Lightning! RESCUE HER, MAN![/size]

so, here we go :smiley:

i finished the first chapter

and started working the second…

sorry, the translation is somewhat “crude”. it is very hard to

translate the landscape descriptions…!

I still have a bit of chills up my

spine , and I don’t like the name of chapter 4 ! It scares me …

oh… you mean

this chapter…?
hmmm, this chapter’s isn’t that bad… if you don’t look at it from a psychological point

of view, of course…

Man,he really loves her :slight_smile: .But

that was sad. :cry:

Wow! I’m glad they didnt notice him. I hope he’s able to stay that way.

Unnoticed, I mean.

the “nature of fear” goes on…

i’ve started translating again; so here comes another piece of text.
if you’d like to know how the story goes on, feel free to read…!

[size=75]p.s. you might have noticed that i changed the warnings. sorry, i had to do this (after a short communication with the forum moderators). chapter 3 isn’t as bad as it seems to be - but nevertheless, a more rigorous warning is a prerequisite for going on with the translation…[/size]

ooo! Now it’s getting scary! (well, scarier…) Again, I thought Lightning was gonna get found out! Very good so far!

THANKS!!! :smiley:

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