JustSoWall-eCrazy's Graphic Ultrastore

It’s finally open—my Graphic Ultrastore! :mrgreen:

Here’s a bunch of sigs and wallpapers I’ve created using Paint and Microsoft Word. Feel free to use any of these—just be sure to ask me first or credit me for them.


I’m a bit of a Humoungous Entertainment fan…what can I say?

This one was inspired by the “Across the Stars” love theme from Attack of the Clones


I like to hide BnL everywhere.


Haha, I absolutely love your mash-ups, Justsowallecrazy! 8D My favourite is the Humongous Entertainment ones, I played both titles as a kid, loved how you called them a ‘rip-off’ even though they came before the movies! :smiley:

The Star Wars spoofs with Wall-E were pretty hilarious too! Great job!

If I have suggestions for improvement, is that you should try masking (if you’re just ‘erasing’) so your ‘lines’ are cleaner and smoother. Right now, they’re a little jagged around the edges. And try to improve the ‘layout’ of your sigs, right now they’re looking a bit amateurish.

But I love your concepts, so keep improving aesthetics-wise, and I hope to be a future customer of your ‘Ultrastore’! :mrgreen:

Glad someone enjoyed my gallery.

For some reason, I didn’t think a lot of people we going to like the Pixar/Humongous mash-ups. Well, there’s always someone who does.

Yeah, I’ve been trying to improve how I do images and graphics like that. Truth is, I don’t have photoshop or a tablet or anything like that. Could you give me some tips on how to perfect my technique with Paint and a mouse?

By the way, I’m working on a new batch of sigs. I may put them up next week, so be on the lookout!

Thank you for your critique.

Seeing as you only use Paint, those are all pretty good signatures, JustSoWall-eCrazy. Great Axiom-themed sigs - they’re so bright. They look just like an advertisement from the movie. For some reason I really want an Axiomburger right now… :laughing:

I don’t use Paint so I’m not sure how you could use it better than the way you’re using it now, but if you can’t get a hold of Photoshop, a lot of other people here have recommended GIMP, which is similar to Paint but has a lot more advanced features, apparently. It’s also a good thing that you’re saving your work in .png format.

Dude, these are all incredibly well done! I love it.

Thank you guys. I guess there are a few upsides to being an amateur…

rachelcakes1985: Yes, I was pretty much trying to go for that Axiom-style ad look from the hover chair and city holo-screens inside the ship.

Hmm, I should check out the GIMP program. Maybe it’ll help me improve for when I want to paste characters from one movie into another.

The Star Swordsman: It’s nice to see I’m getting some attention on my graphic projects.

Trust me, it will be a matter of time before the regular members of PP know and realize your greatness. :smiley:

Do you take requests?

No, I don’t take requests as of now. Maybe I’ll wait until I get a photo-editing program or I can download GIMP.

Just as promised, here are some new signatures:

The lyrics here were taken from the song “Brighter Than Sunshine” by Aqualung.

Line is from A New Hope

This version is rated “E” instead of “M” :wink: .

This is what too much Star Wars and WALL•E did to me. These last two may tie in with a fanfic I’m writing, BTW. :wink:

Here’s my newest siggy design!!!


Neat! I really like all those Axiom ones. And the andrew stanton/george lucas one made me crack up :slight_smile:

lennonluvr9: Don’t you just love those Axiom sigs? I was basically trying to style them like the Holo-ads you see on the Axiom.

There’s quite an interesting story behind the one with Andrew Stanton. You probably know that I’ve compared WALL•E to Star Wars in another thead before, and I even noticed that Stanton’s appearance bears a very slight resemblance to Lucas:

So that’s why I sometimes consider him the “George Lucas” of Pixar. In a way, WALL•E and EVE’s love story was like Anakin + Padmé in droid form! :smiley:

I might release more sigs in the future. So keep an eye out!

Great job! These are awesome!!! I LOVED the one with Dory and the Freddy the Fish Game! Wanna know why? I used to play that game ALL THE TIME when I was little! :-D) Great ideas and keep putting these up here! They’re brilliant!

Well, I guess I see the resemblance… sort of… :laughing:

Maybe it’s the beard…

little chef

Hey there! Glad you got to visit my Graphic Ultrastore! :smiley:

Yeah, it’s sort of a vague resemblance between Stanton and Lucas.

Anyways, I’m glad you’ve got to view my sigs. Feel free to use one. A lot of people have been commenting on my Axiom-themed sigs.

Oh, no problem, hun. :wink: You’re doing a great job, and you’re off to a great start already! :slight_smile:

I’ve seen these for a while, and for some reason already thought I had commented on them. :confused: I’m sorry, sometimes I think I do something only to realize it never happened… dang me for being such a scatterbrain… :laughing:

little chef

Yeah, that happens to me a lot too.

Anyways, here’s some new sigs to enjoy. One’s for humor, some I made for friends, and some are for promoting my fanfic:

[size=167]Humor Siggie:[/size]

[size=167]Siggies for friends:[/size]

[size=167]Fanfic promos:[/size]

The Postulate is my version of the Axiom, FYI.


…Why Pajama Sam and AUTO?! xD

Because AUTOA113 loves both these characters, so I made these sigs for her, featuring both of them.

Hooray! I’m finally back with some new sigs! :smiley:

I was going to wait unil I could create a siggie for my charcter Evelyn, but I decided to put these up anyway right now. Again, use them if you want!

Some are for promoting characters from my fanfic, others are just for laughs. Enjoy!

“Do you want my auto-graph?”

:smiley: :smiley:
that is halarious!
great signatures.