Kenzo-Kid That Looks Like Russell From Up Movie

Here’s sharing a picture of Kenzo wearing his Holloween Costume as Russell from UP movie. We really love this film, we even watched its Premiere Night here in the Philippines. All those who came in the premiere night also thought that Kenzo was the real-life Russell. They gave him an UP collectible cap as a price for granting their request to join them on stage during their program before the film showing begins. :smiley:

Woah, the resemblance is scary. Good job!! :smiley:

OMGG thats nuts!!! He looks like he jumped out of the movie screen!! :smiley: 8D

Coincidence? I think NOT!

If you’re really Bernie Kropp, I hope you like the taste of fist. :wink:

That is ADORABLE! He looks exactly like him!

I remember seeing that picture once, the resemblence is amazing! Disneyland should hire this kid.

^Or at least give him a bunch of discounts, and use him on ads.

wow my dream has finally come true Pixar characters have finally come to the real world now i just gotta spend the rest of my life trying to find em all. :wink:

This kid looks way better than the cr*ppy puppet heads at WDW.

I like how his name sounds like mine a little! (Kenzie)

I remember seeing that picture. He does look alike.