L&S graphics

Ok I’m sick of my old avatar :angry: ,so I’m tring to make another one,and I will take any requests someone just needs to tell me how to make a moving Avatar :confused: ,like Maggie’s :slight_smile: .

When I make animated avatars and such, I use a program called Animation Shop 3. Dunno where I installed it from, but you can make animations using it.

Thank you!Thank you!Thanks! :smiley:

Oh you take requests? Sweet! Well then, I request some Incredibles avatars for my viewing pleasure please!

Ok but it might take a little time. :confused:

That is cool, I can wait! Good luck with them L&S!

I’d be happy seeing anything from Cars (duh!) :wink:

Ok here are som of my graphics,


Sweet! Wonderful job L&S! Very good! :smiley:

They’re amazing, L&S! Keep them coming! :smiley: :wink:

Amazing L&S! I like the avatar, and the siggy is great too! I can totally picture Vi saying that.

Heheh. I love the cool avatars, and the “What a creep” signature is pretty funny.

Nice job, LightingandSally! :wink:

– Mitch

Yay! Animated stuff! :laughing: I love the way the word ‘Mater’ shines so much, and the Incredibles one is great. Good work, L&S!