La Luna

I don’t know, I kind of liked the idea that Toy Story would be in front of Cars 2. I just think it’s fitting in a way. Toy Story was the first to have it’s run of sequels, so why shouldn’t they be in front of the next Pixar film to go into that territory?

La Luna sounds interesting. I never really think too much into the shorts as much as I do the actual films they’re going to be with most of the time, but I’m sure it’ll be pretty entertaining as always. I’d have to agree that it’s not going to be in front of Cars 2 since they already have the Toy Story short. It’s obviously going to be in front of Brave.

So desperate they’re dying to have one by making a two-bit short? So desperate they’re ‘milking’ (blech–I hate that word, I’d rather it be describing Dreamworks or Disney films…) Toy Story? Nah…it’d be a long time before that happens–eh, when I’m 40-something…

Some concept art that’s been hiding under our noses for months… … s-la-luna/

Which reminds me…what ever happened to that kid/dinosaur thing?

The what?

it was for some discovery channel special. or national geographic. or - it was something on tv, 'kay? lol.

anywho, really excited for this short. i just read about it yesterday and it sounds awesome. & tbh as much as i’d rather it be in front of cars 2, i’m fine with it being before brave. original film, original short. YESSS.

No, that Discovery Channel dinosaur project was not a Pixar production … saurs.html

So, it’s still very much possible that the boy-and-the-herbivore-dinosaur concept art will be the next Pixar feature film, directed by Pete Docter. All speculation at this point, though.

And right on cue, DreamWorks also has something in production about prehistoric time, released in 2013.

Call me paranoia, but this sort of ‘coincidence’ can’t just be natural.

Looks interesting. The character designs look quite different from ones in their previous films. I’m also wondering how it will be released. In front of Cars 2 would be most likely but the Toy Story Hawaiian Vacation short is also planned to be released that way. If it’s not in front of Cars 2, then it’ll possibly be in front of Brave.

Seems like it’d be a bit early to be doing maquettes for a 2013+ feature (the footage is probably from like 2007-2008). But you never know.

Oh yeah, I remembers eeing concept art for that. It wasn’t the Discovery thing, it was of a kid and a cartoony like Dino.

Anyway, nice concept art!

We all love our conspiracy theories, don’t we? :wink:

I saw that article a few days ago, but I forgot to post it! Thanks for sharing it with us Bryko.

This is actually the first I’ve heard of it and it does look interesting. Makes me wonder what its all about, which I suppose is the point.

hmm. i know a few months ago kevin reher was discussing some future pixar shorts & although i don’t know for certain, don’t you think it sounds like he’s talking about la luna in the quote below?

kinda sounds like it, eh?
btw, i am still ~beyond excited for this.

I feel like this’ll fit right in with Brave, they both seem kinda mystical-ish to me. This looks interesting! I can’t wait. They never disappoint over there :slight_smile:

La Luna has it’s own poster! Here’s the link. … age-pixar/

looks beautiful,

Hey guys! A new image was just released, and also a new clip! :smiley: … age-debut/
I think it looks really great (So pretty!), can’t wait to see the whole thing.

It’s beautiful!

But don’t you think it’s weird that they’re promoting this short film so much when it’s supposed to be released with Brave? (And Brave itself doesn’t have anything else than ONE still).

I think it will be released before Brave. I read somewhere that it will be along The Muppets, but that movie is supposed to go with the second Toy Story Toon, so I don’t think so.

La Luna looks fantastic

I really don’t think La Luna will be attached to Brave, maybe we would be able to see it online before, or perhaps with another big disney film … John Carter???

John Carter seems like a good option, mainly because the movie had its history with Pixar.

Okay, so I watched the clip, and it’s gorgeous! Just wondering, does anyone else think the dad looks like Flint’s dad from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs?? That’s just where my mind went when I saw him :smiley: