La Luna

Pixar released this image of their latest short, La Luna, today on their Facebook page.

What do you all think? :slight_smile:

The dad looks so much like the dad from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs that it’s not even funny. xD

Anyway, the synopsis:

It sounds good…but I’m just wondering when it’ll come out. It seems like they’re talking about it a bit too early to be in front of Brave, but having both Hawaiian Vacation and La Luna in front of Cars 2 seems like overkill to me.

A friend of mine pointed that out to me on fb, pretty interesting!

Anyway, I relaly like the synopsis, and the still. The kid is so cute!


when I first read of it, I got so happy, can’t wait to see it

I don’t think so, just read this:

It means that the short film has been done for years, I guess characters designs were done too, Cloudy with a chance of meatballs came in 2009

Looks great, specially the synopsis.

I really hope it’s also in front of Cars 2 instead of Brave. I like the tradition of every film featuring an original short.

I’m actually looking forward to it :slight_smile: It looks good :slight_smile:

In my “Cars 2uneup: The Score” thread (Cars 2uneup: The Score) I mentioned that we had recorded the music for a new Pixar short – but as no official information had been released about it yet, I didn’t want to give anything away, even its name or the name of the director. But now that Pixar has released information on it and it’s on sites like, I can confirm… this is the short that we recorded the music to towards the end of the “Cars 2” sessions last month – although it will not be released with Cars 2. Instead, “it’s a short for next year”, is what John Lasseter told us. Enrico Casarosa (the short’s director) got up to say hi to the orchestra for a bit and seemed very nice – and excited to finally have music put to it. He mentioned that it was actually completed (without the music) a few years ago, and now they were finally putting the music to it (so any comments about the characters looking like those from “Meatballs” should keep in mind that this was done well before Meatballs). For what it’s worth, I thought Michael did a really nice job on its score (very fitting), and it utilized a much smaller orchestra than normal – basically only the string sections along with just a few other non-string players, that’s it (no large wind or brass sections). It’s a very intimate score. As far as its story goes, sorry, no spoilers. I’ll only say that it really looked beautifully done, and that its title is very appropriate. It’ll be nice to see this next year!

yeah, that is what I thought, I remembered what you told us, THANKS

exactly, that is the same point I discussed a few posts above, :smiley: :smiley:

Oh. Then it will be in front of Brave. No matter.

Thanks for the information!

Reposted from locked thread:

Pixar has released the first image for its newly announced short ‘La Luna’. The synopsis is pretty cryptic, just the way we like it:

The Pixar Times contacted the studio to ask if it will be attached along with ‘Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation’, and here’s the response:

I have dibs that the secret is that they’re werewolves, judging from the title.

Frankly, I’d rather see La Luna attached to the front of Cars 2, because Pixar traditionally has original animated shorts in front of its feature films. I’m a little tired about how they’re starting the milk the Toy Story franchise, and I’d much rather see it included as a bonus feature with a ‘Special Edition’ re-release of Toy Story 3 should they do it a few years down the road, in cinemas or on home-video. Or they should make a new series of Toy Story shorts (much like they did with ‘Toy Story Treats’) and package them as a standalone DVD like they’ve done with Mater’s Tall Tales.

La Luna looks infinitely more interesting and courageous than the further adventures of Woody, Buzz & Co., as much as I am excited to see Ken wearing an aloha shirt. :unamused:

I’d rather have La Luna in front of Cars 2, and Hawaiian Vacation in front of Brave. Just to balence things out. But it doesn’t bother me so much. I’m excited for both shorts! But La Luna sounds so, facinating!

watch this tv spot from second 0:00 to 0:02, you would feel satisfied with it!! … 4132BF59FF

Laugh out loud, guess I don’t need to come early for Cars 2 then! :wink: Joking joking

I bet they aren’t werewolves, as it wouldn’t make sense for them to go to the middle of the sea.

Besides, being a werewolf is not a “job”. I would say they’re mystical workers, like those in legends that are the beings in charge of bringing the night, or something like that.

‘La Luna’ Logo Revealed?

full story at The Pixar Times

lol, I haven’t even noticed that the boat has painted the “L” on the bottom right,

see it by yourselves … i-res1.jpg

Kid=adorable! Dad…not so much.

I like the looks of this, although it doesn’t really look like a Pixar work from the screencap given. It had Rodrigo Blaas’s style definitely.

Well, so now we know that La Luna is the boat’s name. I was wondering why it was on Spanish.

Nice logo, by the way. Here’s the final art:

Open it in a new window to see it in High Resolution.

Nice to see they’re coming up with something cute and charming–not that any of their past work wasn’t…

It sounds to me like Pixar reeeeeeally wants an Oscar for one of their shorts again.