La Luna

Pixar has released the first image for its newly announced short ‘La Luna’. The synopsis is pretty cryptic, just the way we like it:

The Pixar Times contacted the studio to ask if it will be attached along with ‘Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation’, and here’s the response:

I have dibs that the secret is that they’re werewolves, judging from the title.

Frankly, I’d rather see La Luna attached to the front of Cars 2, because Pixar traditionally has original animated shorts in front of its feature films. I’m a little tired about how they’re starting the milk the Toy Story franchise, and I’d much rather see it included as a bonus feature with a ‘Special Edition’ re-release of Toy Story 3 should they do it a few years down the road, in cinemas or on home-video. Or they should make a new series of Toy Story shorts (much like they did with ‘Toy Story Treats’) and package them as a standalone DVD like they’ve done with Mater’s Tall Tales.

La Luna looks infinitely more interesting and courageous than the further adventures of Woody, Buzz & Co., as much as I am excited to see Ken wearing an aloha shirt. :unamused:

there is already a thread:


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