Linguini/Colette one-shot (nothing special!)

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Well, first of all, I’d like you to know that this is my very first fanfic, even though it’s just an one-shot. So please don’t shoot me! hides :shake: :laughing:

Second, this story was based on a drawing I made some time ago, in my art thread [link]. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page. sharpie asked if I ever considered writing a fanfic based on that image. At first, I didn’t know if I could do it; even though I write English rather well, I could still have some difficulties. But after all, I think it turned out nice. Please give me your opinion! :wink:

Now, enough talking. :stuck_out_tongue:

[i]A new day was rising in Paris, and Colette was already on her way to the “Gusteau’s!” restaurant, ready for another day of work. Once she got there, she noticed a red, rather old bicycle parked near some trash cans - Linguini’s bicycle. “He’s here”, she thought, with a grin on her face. She looked inside the kitchen. Linguini was washing some pots and dishes, and nearly broke some of them, and knocked some pans on the floor. She giggled. He was so clumsy! Then, she sat on the floor outside the kitchen, and looked up. Between all the Parisian buildings, she could still see the Eiffel tower, with all its beauty. And sighed. Linguini could be very shy and very awkward, but was still a very honest and nice young man. Through his brown eyes, Colette could still see trust.

Trust… now, that was something Colette admired on a man… Specially after what she’s already been through… Specially after what happened to her…

She looked up and remembered that night, as if it was yesterday. She remembered a man, who said that he would spend a lifetime with her…

She remembered the hours she waited for him, in the pouring rain…

She remembered how dark the Eiffel tower looked from the top of that bridge…

She remembered how cold his voice sounded when she called him the next morning…

She remembered his words: “This is not gonna work out”.

A tear rolled down her check. Among all the episodes that made her strong personality, that was the one that marked her the most.

“Colette? What are you doing sitting on the floor?”
She looked back. It was Linguini.

“Nothing, nothing!..”, she answered, whipping off that tear.

“Well, then, come inside! We still have some work to do, and we could do it faster if we do it together…!”
Linguini smiled, and gave her his hand to help her to stand up. She smiled back and took his hand.
Before they got into the kitchen, Colette grabbed his arm and whispered on his ear two little words: “Thank you.”. Linguini didn’t understand why, but he liked the way those two little, simple words sounded.

So, that’s it. It’s not much, but hey - it’s my first fanfic! :stuck_out_tongue: Hope ya liked it! :wink:

Aww <3 That was adorable! Wonderfully written too. :wink: I’d like to see more Ratatouille fanfiction from you in the near future :slight_smile:

Very nice, Maggie! There are a few minor grammatical errors that could be restated, but, other than that, it is quite a lovely little composition.

Good job, Maggie! :wink:

I love it Maggie! I must thank you for no long boring descriptions, it kills the story. :smiley: :sunglasses:

Do you have plans for writing any more?

Thanks, dudettes! ;-p

sharpie - Well, sorry if I’m going to let you down, but I’m not really a “writing person”. I don’t plan writing anytime soon; I just wrote this one last night 'cause I was inspired. But if I get inspired again anytime soon, I’ll let you know. :wink:

You are most welcome, dudette! (snigger)

Awww, very touching! A rare glimpse into Colette’s life…:smiley:

I loved it! :sunglasses:

Aww, that was so heat touching! Really adorable stuff you wrote there Maggie. You are a great writer.

Aww how cute! That was really heartfelt. And I liked the little glimpse into Colette’s past.

Thanks, everyone! :smiley: hugs

TSS - Well, I wouldn’t say I’m a great writer… :laughing:

lennonluvr9 and Bill - Yeah, on this one-shot, I wanted to focus on Colette and her past…

If you guys would like to read more from me, just wait 'till I watch the movie. I’d like to write a little something, focusing on Linguini… :wink:

Oh. I forgot you hadn’t seen the movie. I couldn’t even tell… :slight_smile:

really good start!! It’s going to turn out fine, i loved it’s very intriguing and I can’t

wait for more

Maggie- Very

sweet and simple, but very heartfelt! This one-shot is just bursting with emotion, and the detail you’ve

included is all perfectly appropriate. There are one or two little grammatical errors, but only minor things.

I’d love to read more from you! :smiley:

lizardgirl - Wow, nice to

receive a good “review” from you! :smiley: Thanks! :wink:

Hehe, I was already expecting that. :laughing: Just to remind you - I’m

Portuguese! :wink:

Maggie - Well, for being a

Portuguese writer composing an English story, you did a very lovely job of it. :wink:

You are portuguese huh? All this time, I thought you knew English well enough that you could

be an American. I was obviously wrong.

Yeah, Maggie. I’m going to have to seriously

complement you on your English. You sound so American…it’s amazing. In fact, you speak English better than

some people do as their first language.

Keep it up. :wink:

TSS and Gasduude - Muito obrigada!


Lol, that’s Portuguese for “thank you very much”… :laughing:

Y’know, I’ve learned

practically all of my English by browsing around the Internet and watching movies with the English subtitles on!

:laughing: That’s crazy, I know. :stuck_out_tongue: But it’ll certainly help if I can get to work at Pixar! <img src=“{SMILIES_PATH}/grinandwink.gif” alt=“;-D” title="Grin and

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Maggie - You could start a Portuguese thread and teach us the

language, Maggie! :laughing:

But back on-topic… (snigger)

Wow, I just learned a little bit of a foreign language and I am in summer right now.