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Finally, my parents let me get a YouTube, and I just finished uploading my first WALL•E music video to Britt Nicole’s Like a Star from her newest album, “The Lost Get Found.”

Last night I finally got it finished and looking exactly the way I wanted it, and when I went to render it and save it, I noticed that I could output it in 1080i, so I’m like “SWEET!”

This was about 2:00 this morning. It craaawwwled through the encoding, lasting about 50 minutes from start to finish, and all the while I kept myself up so I could finish up and turn off my computer. When I went to watch the final product, I found that the audio was a piece of crap. So yeah, I waited all that time and went to bed around 3:30 because it didn’t work out. So this time, I just rendered it normally and it turned out fine. :laughing:

Anyhow, enough of my rambling! Enjoy my first MV, Like a Star - a WALL•E Music Video. :smiley:

I do have plans for two more songs that I really want to do. We’ll see how much you guys like my video editing first. :wink:

little chef

That…was…BEAUTIFUL!!! <img src=“{SMILIES_PATH}/love2.gif” alt=“:loves:” title="In

Love" />

You have left me speechless; I was hooked the entire time. The lyrics match the song so well.

Overall, it gets not even 10/10, but 15/10.

Looking forward to more videos from you! :wink:

Okay, I have to ask this. Is this your first video? Cuz that was really good! I left my comment on youtube, but I mean, like, Wow! Great MV! That song goes perfectly with Wall-E, it’s almost scary. I can’t wait for more from you!

What are the songs your thinking of doing? Or are they secret? :wink:

Thanks guys! I really had fun doing this project, and I think it paid off. :wink:

As for the songs I’m planning on doing, I’d probably rather keep them secret on here in case someone gets inspired and takes my idea or something before I get a chance to make it. But if you really, REALLY wanna know, I guess you can PM me on it. I’m really excited to get started on them. I’m just not sure what kind of time I’ll have.

Again, thank you! I appreciate all the wonderful comments! <3

little chef

little_chef_eva09: That was very impressive, excellent work! You did really well on your first vid! Not only is the song a marvelous choice, but you pulled off fitting it together with the movie splendidly. :smiley: It’s awesome to know you’ve pulled through and overcame your technical difficulties and such in order to bring out this beautiful finished product. Congrats!

Yahoo, little_chef is live on Youtube! :smiley:

And your video… wow, I’m duly impressed. claps hands I take it this is your first effort at an FMV (Fan Music Video), cos if it is, it’s very good for a beginner! Most fan video editors don’t bother making an effort to match their footage to the lyrics and/or beats, much less output it in a decent video quality. Some of them use flashy transitions (I especially dislike the ‘rainbow’ flashes you see in Windows Movie Maker-made ones). I prefer a more judicious and precise use of simple editing techniques, like fade-ins, wash-outs, or at most, strobe flashes (with staggered editing, like the end chorus I used in the ‘Wall-E You Know My Name’ MV). In your case, I liked your subtle approach, and of course, the lyrics and beats matching.

I’ve left you a video comment, but one thing I didn’t have space to add was the good song choice. Again, most fan video artists just choose whatever happens to be the flavour of the month and attempt to match their footage to that, but it comes off forced and weird. You made a good decision with Britt Nicole’s number, cos’ the lyrics tie in thematically with the film, so the video came off looking natural. The euphoric electrosynth-rhythms matched Wall-E’s futuristic theme, and it’s quite catchy. Of course, if you’re daring enough, you can try to mash two disparate genres for interesting results (again, the “You Know My Name” MV was my attempt to the be the exception), but only if you believe you are able to match the lyrics and footage sufficiently to get your ‘message’ across. That’s the most fun bit of editing a music video, cutting all the different bits of the movie and lining them up with the song to tell a ‘story’.

Well, I don’t have much criticisms, other than congratulate you on your first MV. It’s not a particularly exciting, ‘mind-exploding’ MV like Neravaira or Iselin (two great examples to emulate) to be honest, but there’s a certain understated charm to its pleasantness and sweetness that I think matches your style. Which I mean to say, it’s good. Keep up the great work, it’s good that you’ve diversified into fan video editing as an addition to your repertoire of talents. :slight_smile:

P.S. I find it interesting the album name was “The Lost Get Found”, Would make a great promotional tagline…

P.P.S. Thanks for the sub and fave! Much appreciated!

This was ajaw dropper. It was really good. Nice clip selections and an excellent music choice. Your hard work on this just showed how dedicated you were to making this the best you can. The first minute really impacted inside of me. Really nice work. I love your videos and I hope you continue to make more

omg, overwhelming love for my first MV! <3

BDD: Thank you so, sooo much! Yes, I did experience a few technical difficulties prior to finishing it, but I guess I found a good way to work around them and get back into the flow. The song was probably one of the most fitting songs I could have ever chosen for a WALL•E x EVE MV, and the fact that the video itself was inspired by the song made it even better, I think. :wink: Again, I’ve said this like a million times already, but thanks so much for the wonderful, heartfelt comments!

TDIT: YAAAY the King of Fanvids has commented on my first work!! 8’D cries happy tears Actually, I had started work on another MV before this one a while back, but when our Vista crashed I lost the file I was working in, as well as the footage I was using. :frowning: So I decided to leave that one be for a while, and got inspired by this song within like, 3 hours of purchasing it. Then like, by the same evening, I had the DVD ripped, in my computer, and ready for editing, and my sister and I were up until midnight that night getting the first part of it done.

I have an idea for a “storytelling” MV that I plan on doing next, and coincidentally, I’m basically trying to tell some of Psyche with it; after all, the song I’ve chosen is practically the “theme song” of that story. :stuck_out_tongue: So I think that Psyche readers will appreciate it a bit more than regular watchers (not that they won’t enjoy it at all, I’m just saying…).

Oh, and you’re welcome! It’s a pleasure to subscribe to such a wonderful fan video editor’s channel! :slight_smile:

TSS: Oh my goodness, your comment just left me feeling so flattered! :blush: Thank you! :smiley: Seeing as how you’ve been working on fan videos yourself for quite some time now, your comments really mean a lot to me! I’m glad it could impact you; I really wanted this video to leave a good impression on people, as well as depict my absolute adoration for this film and those two characters, in particular. :wink: Again, thank you so much! I sincerely appreciate it.

little chef

I’ve got a question: Do you take any video requests or suggestions?

Suggestions, maybe. Requests, umm, no; not as of now. Since I already have a few MV ideas lined up, but not yet started, I’m thinking about holding off taking requests for a good while until I’m more comfortable working in this medium.

However if anyone has suggestions, feel free to give me a holler about it - I may not do every single thing suggested to me, but I most certainly will consider ideas others may have. :slight_smile:

little chef

Well, I do have a little suggestion. I heard that you’d like to do a few projects tying in with Psyche, and I’ve already told you this via PM, but I’ve heard this song called “The Situation” by Krystal Meyers, and it’s about the consequences of the problem Eve and Alex were involved in. Even the lyrics seem so reminiscient of Eve’s sadness and Alex’s conflicting feelings in that chapter.

I don’t know if you’d like to do a Psyche-releted video with this, however. I’d like to know what you think about the idea.

I think it’s a great idea… unfortunately there aren’t enough clips in the movie that would match the song and its lyrics; moreover, I don’t think I could animate a MV by hand with drawings yet. :laughing: Plus, even if I did do it with clips of AUTO and EVE instead, it wouldn’t be as effective since the story is [spoil]dealing with them as humans and the struggles and issues they encounter[/spoil].

Thanks for the suggestion, though! I really appreciate hearing what you guys think and when you tell me what you’d like to see. :wink:

little chef

I’ve heard of an animation program called Anime Studio, which lets you create your own cartoons and animations. It even lets you import your own Photoshop art (I’m serious) to use in your animation. :wink:

Oh, and I’m glad you like the idea. :smiley:

There’s also a way you can animate directly in Photoshop, but apparently according to a PS “mentor” of mine, I have to have a certain program installed in order to do that… and I checked to see if I had it, and I don’t think I do. :frowning: Even if I did, I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of work and time it would take to draw that many frames to a 3 minute long song… :open_mouth:

Anyhow, I appreciate the suggestions! :smiley: Thanks for throwing your ideas out there!

If I can pull myself together, I can start work on my next fanvid… I think I found a copy of the old file here on my mom’s laptop, which I didn’t even think existed, so I’m going to see how much I saved on it. It might save me a ton of work on the timing at the beginning if there’s actually a decent amount saved on it! :laughing: I really wanna get this show on the road, but I’ve been so consumed with trying to get better at drawing and attempting to break writer’s block (again, grrrr!!! :angry:). My YouTube channel looks pretty hopeless right now with only one uploaded vid…

little chef

Can’t wait to see that new video. :wink:

Hey, I found your WALL-E music video to Like a Star while listening to Britt Nicole music on youtube, it’s amazing! :smiley:

I was thinking of my WALL-E MV this morning… and it’s so odd that you just happened to mention it yesterday! Thank you - it’s my first MV but I still love it a lot. :slight_smile:

little chef

Whoa look at all the dust on this thread.

Yeah I haven’t updated in a while because I really haven’t had anything else for you guys to watch for… oh wow, it’s been over 2 years now? D’:

When I got my iMac, I immediately started re-assembling one of the WALL-E MVs I started way back when. I had one started, but my old computer was too slow to handle it. Then, I made a new one from scratch on my mom’s computer, which crashed. THEN, I re-created it once again on her laptop, only to abandon it for over a year. I got the iMac, and started from scratch working on it all over again.

I also put off working on it for another year. Just yesterday, I got re-inspired to finish it, and now I only have :52 seconds left of the song to add clips to.

I’m sure no one even remembers the first video I made (link is on the first page), but I promise that this video is going to be so much better than that one. I’m trying to tell the story of Psyche OS X with it, as best as I can; or at least enough that you’ll sense the story’s undertones with the song and the arrangement of the film clips. :slight_smile:

Not sure when I’ll be done this, exactly, but I hope it’ll be soon. Stay tuned. :wink:

EDIT: It’s finished! :smiley:

What I’ve Done - a WALL-E MV

little chef

Saw it! It was wonderful!

I noticed your comment on YouTube, and I’m so happy you liked it! I feel bad it took me this long to finally put it out. :laughing:

little chef