Liveable Up-inspired house in Utah

I would totally buy this house, but in my opinion the colours need to be a tad richer, otherwise, it’s fantastic! It looks quite cute and liveable - you don’t really need as much space as you might think in a house, anyway. The house isn’t quite finished yet, but it will be great to see how it looks with all of the furniture inside (especially the chairs :wink:). I wonder who painted Lou Romano’s artwork above the fireplace… it looks exactly the same.

If you bought the house, would you change the furniture or paint inside or out more neutral colours? Or would you keep everything the same? Because I would keep it all the same! (for video, photos and tour information) … e.html.csp (more photos and tour information) … l-life.php (comparison photos from the film)

EDIT: Tow Mater found this link with a MUST SEE video! … house.html (video of the house tour with a real-life Carl and Russell!)

For archival purposes if that article ever goes down:

House address:
13216 S Herriman Rose Blvd
(5400 W)


Wow, that’s awesome. :open_mouth:

I want that house! Then again, I’m not good with being prepared to buy expensive stuff. I can just imagine how it would play out if I went to buy it.
Owner: This house will be 500,000.
Owner: Yes… Is that a problem?
Me: Um… Hey, look a snipe!
Owner: Where?!? (turns around)
Me: (runs away)
I am not a very good negotiator. LOL

:open_mouth: That is the bestest house I’ve ever seen!

That’s such a cool house!

I’m in love with a house <3

They captured the coziness perfectly <3

Oh my gosh, this is so awesome! :smiley: I would totally want to live in it for a while. :stuck_out_tongue: Too bad they didn’t build it in the middle of a city, although then it would probably cost waaaay more.

Tow Mater found this link with a MUST SEE video! … house.html (video of the house tour with a rea-life Carl and oh-so-cute Russell!) You won’t regret watching it!

Holy Moly! That is a great idea for a house. Utah is really trying hard to get more people to move into their state! Anywho, I am impressed. Actually, my mind has been BLOWN.

Watch this vid for a very detailed look of the house, plus people dressed UP as the characters!

(click on the image to see the video)
L - R: Carl and Russell in background, Kevin, Russell, Ellie, Carl, Muntz

Wow! I love their costumes!

That is an awesome house! I think that it is a great idea to make a replica of the house from Up.

Yes, way better than a common generic house.

I agree.

If that wasn’t in Utah, I’d want it. It’s not actually horribly expensive, either, but I assume that’s due to the location.

Also, it looks like it went to a good home… er… well, it is the home. But you get what I mean. It’ll probably be treated well. … 26951.html

In other news, I have bookmarked “The Big Chill” for future kitchen remodeling. I love vintage appliances! :mrgreen:

It actually wasn’t that expensive.

That is really incredible. A great job at making everything look accurate too.

I really would love to see this house in person someday. :smiley:

Does anyone remember something about an actual flying house modeled after Carl and Ellie’s that flew close to the movie’s release back in 2009? I don’t remember the actual details of it, I just remember hearing that it actually flew and eagerly looking out my window every day for a while. 8D