lizardgirl's Art

Yep, I’ve actually got round to doing something. :laughing: It’s still a WIP, but this is the initial sketch for my

latest Randall fanart. I plan on painting it with acrylics. It’s still very sketchy now; I’ll probably alter

things as I go along, as I keep noticing more and more mistakes. :unamused:

He looks very nice good job LG!!! :smiley:

Good Job!!! :smiley:

Heeey – not bad, lizardgirl! It’s nice to see you posting some

of your fan art for a change.

Randall looks very nice. I admire your ability to draw reptilian-like

creatures – heheh. :wink:

nice pencil sketch of randall. I

like it for your first art post. My reccomendation for next time would to darken it up just a little.

Thanks guys. :smiley:

TSS- I’m actually painting this picture

in acrylics, so I don’t want the lines to show through. :laughing:

That’s awesome! Randall’s a pretty tough character to draw- I’ve been doodling him forever

and he’s still a challenge … it’s the proportions that throw me. Anyway, I’d like to see how this looks like

colored. ^^

Yeah, he would seem difficult…

I love his expression – looks like

someones for dinner! :wink:

In honesty, I

really don’t know what that is. Sorry, I am not an artist. Can you explain to me what that is?

FONY- Gosh, he’s just

horrible to draw! :laughing: He has such skinny little limbs, yet when you draw them skinny, they just don’t look

right! I practically made a hole in the paper rubbing things out over and over


TSS- Acrylic paints- they’re quite thick, so sometimes I water them

down a little.

Oh I see.

It makes sense to why he is so faded.