Looking Back (being sappy)

So, i don’t know if anyone is even still around. This place has definitely seen better days. And i’m honestly really sorry stuff looks like this now.

But, just in case anyone is still alive here, well-- it’s good to see you all again. Been a long time since i was a stupid 13 year old posting about art and religion. i wouldn’t trade my time here with you guys for anything. You all helped make me who i am. Looking back at my art thread, i’m really sad how much spam has taken over the site. i know the same will likely happen to this thread, too. But, eh. If there is anyone still around and able to see it, well-- i miss you guys.

You all knew me as Violet-- and i hope you still do. Been going by a different “real” name these days. More than a little has changed. I’m ah-- heh, also going by he/him now. Been on T for around two years. i’ve settled into a few more fandoms. Made new friends. Learned new art forms. But i still remember you all. Got diagnosed with autism and am very happy to know i WASN’T just a weirdo overly obsessed with stories. Moved away from Florida. Had a few jobs. Just, grew up. i’m a very different person from who i was when i joined. Hopefully a better one. But, i still remember you all.

Might’ve fallen out of the fandom, but i’m still alive. And still very much drawing.

i’m on Discord as Shinigami-of-Excellence#6314 , if anyone wants. Just let me know who you are before you message me.

I love you guys. i miss you guys. Hope all is well. And, maybe, hopefully, i can hear from some of you again.

– Violet ~