Looking for Toy Story icons

Hello All,

I am new here and hope I am in the right forum and that its ok to ask this question.

Does any know where I can find a good set of free Toy Story icons? They can be from either movie. I am trying to make a Toy Story theme for my wife’s iPhone and need some icons to use. I would like to have icons of all of the characters plus other objects like the Pixar ball, Buzz’s space ship, Pizza Planet truck, etc. This is for personal use only and will not be sold or published. Any help would be appreciated.


Welcome to the boards, twood!

Yes, you’re in the right place… I would totally take you up on the offer, but first I’d need to know what size they need to be. Normally when I make icons they are the avatar specification size of this site (100x100 pixels), but if this is for iPhone, they may need to be smaller.

Another question - what file type do you need them in? Can iPhone support transparency in an image? Sorry to get technical but I would like to know so I can get an idea of what I could do.

little chef

Thank you little chef!

I believe the standard iPhone icon size is 60x60. But they can be slightly larger, I am not too concerned with them being too large as I can reduce the size to my liking. The format is PNG. I know that tranparent HTML is supported, but I am not sure if that is the same thing. I have seen themes with transparent and semi-transparent icons, so I am thinking it is supported.

What I would really like are icons that look very similar to the image on the bottom of this forum page. The one on the bottom right that has Slinky Dog, Mr & Mrs. Potato Head, and Ham. I like the coloring and texture of the characters in that image. But, as the old saying goes, “beggars can’t be choosers”. So I would be grateful for anything you have to offer.

If you are making these yourself and you have the time and/or inclination, I would like at least one of each of the major characters from both movies. In addition to the major players, I would also very much like to have one of RC, Etch, Mr. Spell, Mike, and Lenny (binoculars). One of Sid’s Binford Tools toolbox, the Pixar ball, and any other objects that would make good application icons.

This is just what I would like, but I certainly don’t expect you or anyone else to create them. I will be very grateful for whatever you can provide.

Thanks again!


Still looking for Toy Story icons. Does anyone know of any that are free and available for download?

Here’s a google English image search Toy Story.

images.google.com/images?hl=en&s … a=N&tab=wi

Also, here’s a Japanese image search of Toy Story.
images.google.co.jp/images?hl=ja … a=N&tab=wi

I hope they help.

Thanks Rey. I appreciate the links. Unfortunately I have scoured Google already and have not found what I want. I am looking for “cut outs” of the characters to use as icons. Some thing very similar to the image at the bottom right of this forum page. I have even thought about taking that image and trying to cut out each character. But I need more than just those four.

twood, I think I know what icons you’re talking about and there is one place you could find them all. In Japan the phone services are years ahead then the American cell phone services. The Disney website for cell phones in Japan offer these cool/cute PIXAR icons! I don’t subscribe to them, but I might know a person who may have access the site. I’m not going to promise anything because these icons are for the Japanese market and they’re on the cute side. I don’t see this friend of mine a lot, but I’ll ask my friend the next time I see her if she has access to the Disney site on her phone.

Try this site for now.

Sorry for this being late. These are “cute” icons for the cell phones in Japan. Some are cool. None of my friends have downloaded any of them. They are just expensive. This website gives examples of Pixar characters for the Japanese market.
disneymobile.jp/disney/official/ … ation.html