Looking for volunteers.... for a papercraft model..(Closed)

Hi, my name is Sebastian , and im a 3d modeler, and im from Chile (we speak spanish, so forgive my horrible english)

Well, basicly that shortens my life story, but lets just get to the point, i have seen wall-e twice, and definately the best part in the movie is (for me)[spoil] Wall-e and Eve first kiss… who could guess that Eve was the character who gave him the kiss… i thought it was going to go all the way around[/spoil]

So, after thinking a litle (2 seconds) i thought that i NEED to inmortalize that moment, i saw some “moments of the movie” toys, however, THAT moment is not there, so, i will create it.

For those who dont know what papercraft is, is basicly 3d paper models, i know it sound hard, but is not, check this page for references.paperkraft.blogspot.com/search/l … r%20Models.
(you can check also wikipedia for it)

Well, so basicly i want to make a team for making this papercraft model, this are the posible “positions” in the team:
-3d Modeler, some experience in LOW POLIGON modeling and texturing required.
-Painter, the team will need some references about what is he doing, so he draws and paints the scene , that way, 3d modelers can have an idea of what they are suposed to do.
-Texturer, basicly, a painter who knows about 3d modeling, he is making the textures.

For me, im a litle of each position, i (personaly) think that i could do it alone, however , it would take ages, and with help, it will become much easier.

For people who wants go in, post your posible position, and experience (Basicly, what program do you use) and (if you can) some samples, dont be so shy, if you dont want to post any jobs, just post how much time have you been using it.

Any question PM me, i dont want the Post to have unnecesary “posts”, so just ask me.

PD: Im not a profesional, and i think that no profesionals will ask for this job (that by the way, is free, after we finish the model,we are going to “donate it” to the internet) but if you are a pro, and you want to participate, be my guess, no seriusly, i BEG to all the pros to work in this proyect, please…

PPD: After you post if you want to join, i will PM you as soon a posible, i have done some papercraft models before, so , if there is a “good team”, it will be like a 2-3 week work (working a few hours a day… you and i also have to study or work), but if a lot of people join, it will be done in no time, so if you can work , PLEASE, join.

PPPD: If some of you have “references”, like toys or HD pictures that are not posible to get from the internet about EVE or WALL-E, tell me , because they might become handy.

well, that is all, please, any questions PM me, and have a nice day.

***************PD: Sorry for using this forum, actualy, if you want to join this “team”, just pm me, because i think almost noone will ever think to join, i think this will be a 1 man work, after i finish it , i will post it, however it will take a wille, just be patient