Looking to Buy rare Mattel Jessie Doll!

I’ve been looking for this specific Jessie doll for YEARS with no luck! It was released by Mattel 2 times. Once for the Toy Story 20th Anniversary & then again for Toy Story 3. It was only available in the UK & Australia which makes it that much harder to find if you live in the U.S like I do(California specifically).Does anyone know where I can purchase this doll brand new? Or does anyone own it & is willing to sell it to me (preferably in like new condition if unboxed)?? Please and thank you!

Note: There was another version released with the same head but with a barbie like body which is not the version I am searching for. I am looking for the one with the movie accurate rag doll body.

I doubt anyone checks this board anymore but you’re only hope is getting lucky on eBay. I think I saw an eBay listing for her a month back and she normally isn’t expensive.

Hey! I believe we are looking for the same doll, I managed to get a movie size replica (although mine may have been a couple inches taller) at a yard sale in 2008-2009. My dad, unfortunately, threw the Jessie doll away along with other vintage toys. I recall her having the same head as the doll you posted, she was a pull-string doll although I don’t think I replaced her batteries. She was a bit taller than the version Disney released in 2010, she had accurate clothing from the movie and I remember I once tried to replace the battery and the battery pack was right next to the pull string. The batteries were round I believe, she had plastic hands, string hair, overall accurate to movie. I hope you’ve had a bit of luck. Feel free to message me! - jess
P.S. Her cowgirl shirt had a detachable and attachable thing (The word always escapes me, it’s the plastic half fuzzy thing used to attach doll clothes), the pull string ring and her back and battery pack were shown underneath hee clothes, the battery pack was white.