Lots of new Concept Art for Inside Out!

wdwnt.com/blog/2015/03/photos-co … d-studios/

This film looks great so far.

What an amazing find!! Thank you so much for sharing with us :smiley:

I especially love the concept art of Riley ice skating and Joy keeping watch; it radiates such a classic Pixar feeling, and the colors are so strong. I have to wonder what exactly this image is symbolizing, however…: wdwnt.smugmug.com/Walt-Disney-Wo … 4157-L.jpg ? It’s very odd to me.

Oh my gosh, that looks so amazing! I love the concept artwork. Looks fantastic. All the ways so interesting to see the many forms of a character before they come into their final form.

I won’t spoil too much,[spoil]but it is a part of Riley’s mind[/spoil].

I’m surprised the people setting up the display didn’t spot the typo on Joy’s description card.

I suspect that this picture: [url]http://wdwnt.smugmug.com/Walt-Disney-World/Inside-Out-at-Animation-Galler/i-Mtj9zNZ/A[/url]

is actually what somebody made based on their own child, not an attempt at corporate synergy like the writer jokingly suggests. Uncle Jonas could be a reference to Jonas Rivera, since the page mentions that Chloe’s father works at Pixar. So the references to real-world stores and studios makes sense, as the real kid would be familiar with those places.

This review refers to it as [spoil]friendship island[/spoil]: [url]'Inside Out' Review

Basically. [spoil]There are five islands, each representing a core memory and aspect of Riley’s personality. Friendship is one of them.[/spoil]

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say this yet but my older brother is taking me with him to go see Inside Out three days early. I believe the one we’re going to see is the one that has the live Q&A (we don’t get to ask questions,I don’t think anyways) and the behind the scenes stuff but I’m not all that sure.

On an unrelated note, he also got to see Tomorrowland early as well. He told me about it and I said I was interested in it and would like to see it. About a week or so later he went and saw it again with his friends.(not his younger brother who said he’d like to go see it :angry: ) He did get me a pin though which I guess is cool, but still.

Oh, you mean the Fathom Events advanced screening? I’m going to see that, too. It’s broadcasting all over the country (maybe multiple countries, I’m not sure). I’ve been meaning to make a thread about that.

Unless you mean you’ll actually be where they’re conducting the Q&A, in which case, cool!

Unless you mean something else. :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys are so lucky! 8D

There are areas near me where I can see the film but I’ll see if any of my friends are interested.

I believe that’s the one!

Still go!

Thank you so much for sharing this excellent info! Looking forward to reading more!