Love is just rosie.

This is a story I’m writing about Slim and Rosie from ABL because I think they are a great couple. I will try to update often. Hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:

Rosie was not having a good day. First off because P.T. thought that last night’s show was so bad he said that day as a punishment everyone cougld go with out food. That made for a very cranky circus group.

Next,Gypsy was fretting because Manny had lost one of his props and he was convinced that the whole show would be a failure. So by the time Rosie went into Gypsy’s dressing room to look for something he had left their yesterday Gypsy was about ready to snap. And she did.

“I don’t care whatever it is you’re looking for but I am looking for something that could determine whether or not Manny and I ever make it somewhere in this wretched buisness” Gypsy yelled.

Rosie was taken in surprise and went to go find Slim. She always enjoyed talking to him. When he saw her he tripped over a rock that was in front of him and landed flaton his face.

“Oh Slim, are you alright” Rosie asked.

" Y-Y-Y-Yes. I think so." he stuttered.

they tried to talk a little bit but neither could think of anything to say. Rosie then left wondering why she felt so uncomfortable around Slim. She always had something to say to him. But at the same time her heart beat a little bit faster when she saw Slim.

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Dude! You didn’t tell me you wrote this! And I just told you to write one! facepalm Anyways, interesting pairing but it’s cute so far and I’m looking forward to reading more! It was a bit short but still good! :smiley:

This is really some kinda cute so far! I never thought about Slim and Rosie being a couple… but then again, sometimes you never see it coming. I look forward to seeing the rest of this! I am thinking up an ABL Fanfic as well… once again, awesome! Bravo!
RoSlim 4ever <3 (Random couple name…)