Mac Leopard / Wall-e Wallpaper !!!!

For those who use a mac (like me) will recognise this wallpaper, but now with a very special guy on it! :slight_smile:

And here is Eve:

this is the original wallpaper:

I love em! Very nice, I may have to use these on my lab computer for my PS class! :wink: You’ve got quite a knack for this!

Very nicely done Mr. Fabricio.

That is awesome! haha i never thought to do that! Good stuff!

I might make one myself :slight_smile:

I love my mac!!

Lovely Fab!

Im getting Snow Leopard tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Great work once again, Fabricio! You make photo compositing seem so effortless. :slight_smile:

I got Snow Leopard on my mac and its awesome, i highly recommend it!

Time to make a wallpaper!

i just put Carl from UP as the background on my ipod touch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very cool! It totally fits! It looks like it could have been a screen shot from the movie.