Make Your Own Outtakes: Finding Nemo


(scene where Marlin’s story is spread throughout the ocean)
(specifically, the dolphins)

DOLPHIN 1: The two little fish have been-
(go underwater)
DOLPHIN 2: Comes out, but looks around and sees that Dolphin 1 is gone

(scene where Pearl, Sheldon, and Tad’s fathers introduce themselves)
all three say it at the same time, and then it becomes a quarrel about who is supposed to say it first

that was a GREAT one!!!

TS2, why don’t you try to make some of your own? :smiley:

Dory: I duffer from short term memory loss. . . wait, I forgot my line!

I got one:

(at the very end of the movie):




Wait, what did he just say?

Marlin (laughing):

Oh crap I said bison instead of bye, son!

(all the crew laughs as the boom starts to come into the frame.)

Oh, that was a clever one TS2.

“Bison”! :laughing:

(scene where Gil explains his escape plan)
GIL: …put us in indivisual baggies. Then we roll…
(Mount Wannahockaloogie blows up again)
GIL (annoyed look): As I was saying, then we roll ourselves-
BUBBLES (singsong- to rap voice): I got the bubbles, the bubbles, the bubbles, who da fish, ME! I got the bubbles, the bubbles, the bubbles. Bub, bub, bubbles, bubbly wubbly bubbles, bubbles rock my socks (if I had any), bubbles rule, bubbles are the best, bubbles are cool! I’m rich! Bubbles are-
BUBBLES: Can you blame me? Bubbles are hyptnotizing. I had the chance.


(scene where Nigel is flying with Marlin and Dory)
NIGEL: Fasten your seatbelts!
Goes down to get some water, but Marlin falls out and no one notices.
DORY: Whoooo…hey, wher’d he go?
NIGEL: Wha…?

(scene with swirling vortex or terror in EAC)

MARLIN & DORY: scream as they tumble down the ride
bottle with message pass them
DORY: Polluters!

(take two)

replay Marlin and Dory screaming on the ride
they disappear- camera just watches as other pass by, instead of following them.

MARLIN: Hey we’re over here! (unseen, voice from offscreen)
DORY: I don’t get how their camera got stuck
MARLIN: Well at least this means we get to ride it again.
DORY: Wait, we get a ride?

(take three)
camera shows how it’s like going through swirling vortex of terror
MARLIN: Hey, we weren’t ready yet!
DORY: Why does the camera get a head start?

A113, u spelled Nigel wrong! edit! people may be offended!

Here is one not really a blooper, but I think it’s funny.

Andrew: Okay everyone cut! Take 30 for lunch!
Tank Gang: YAY!
Feeders feed the tank gang. Bloat eats o whole lot and then, rips a huge one.
Andrew: Oh my lord Bloat, I can smell it over hear!
Crew Memeber: Code Red, we got a farting fish!

DORY: His son Nemo…
DIRECTOR: Cut, Dory you’re supposed to say the wrong name.

(take two)
DORY: His son Romeo…what?
DIRECTOR: I dunno. Romeo doesn’t really seem like…the way it’s supposed to be…if you know what I mean…
DORY: Didn’t I do great? I said it wrong!
DIRECTOR: Yeah, say it wrong, just not THAT wrong.
DORY: Gotcha.

(take three)
DORY: His son Disco…oh, sorry, it didn’t sound right. Wait, ooh, ooh, I got a good one!

(take four)
DORYl His son Ne…M-O…
DIRECTOR: Sorry, Dory that’s too slow.
DORY: His name is Slow-M-O? Okay…

(take five)
DORY: His son lost his knee and his elbow in slow motion.
DIRECTOR: Dory, that’s way off!
DORY: grins So I got it, right?

Ha ha ha, that is the funniest one I have heard all day!

DORY: Hey!
CRAB 1: Hey…
CRAB 2: Hey…
CRAB 1: Hey…
CRAB 2: Hey…
CRAB 1: Hey…
CRAB 2: Hey…
CRAB 1: Hey…
CRAB 2: Hey…
CRAB 1: Hey…
CRAB 2: Hey…
CRAB 1: Hey…
CRAB 2: Hey…
CRAB 1: Hey…
CRAB 2: Hey…
CRAB 1: Hey…
CRAB 2: Hey…

Oh that is a funny one A113. I remember that scene. Really nice.

:laugh: hilarious!

(scene where she makes the crab talk)
DORY: holds crab up above the surface
SEAGULL: Mine. takes crab before he can talk

(scene where Gil explains his escape plan)
GIL: …And then we roll ourselvs- *as he is speaking and camera shows how the plan works, in the background you see somebody waving and dancing and doing everything to get your attention. Soon, you lose focus on Gil talking.
DIRECTOR: Cut! Linguini, why do you want so much attention? This isn’t even your film!
LINGUINI: Great, busted again. I’m moving to The Incredibles outtakes!
DIRECTOR: If anybody catches notice of him there, let me know.

Me confused by that. Hopefully, I’ll get it sometime.

Like in the intro of Finding Nemo. In the Ratatouille outtakes, I made one where Linguini is moving around in the background to get attention. He even moves to Finding Nemo outtakes to get more attention. Seeing him move around and wave keeps your focus off what Gil is saying. Now he’s planning to move to The Incredibles outtakes. What I mean by that is that in the Incredibles, I may add him around in there.

A113, that was a good one!