Make Your Own Outtakes: Finding Nemo

See the “Ratatouille” one for details

I’ll do one later.

Here’s one.

The scene where the seagulls are farting in the ocean.

(bubbles buling all around them)
Seagull #1: Nice.
(Bubles still bubble)
Seagull #1: Okay people, stop the bubbles!
Seagull #2: Okay!
(He flies out of the ocean and bubbles stop)

I’ve got one:

Jacques tries to spin wheel, but it won’t turn
Everyone is frustrated.

Well here’s a line I got from a computer game that would make an amusing blooper:

Marlin: singing to himself just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep- Argh! Now you got me doing it!

A113, lennonluvr, ha ha, really clever you two.

Thanks, TSS. It was all I could think of. :laughing:

Dory: P. Sherman, 43 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

I pop out of nowhere.

Me: No Dory, it’s forty TWO!! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD!

In the scene with the dentist:

Nigel flies in
Darla starts screaming
Dentist: “What the…?!”
chaos follows
faint voices emitting from the door
door goes open
Mike Wazowski: “I’m telling you, this isn’t the right door!”
Mike and Sully walks into room just as Gill leaps onto Darla’s hair
everyone stares at the two NEW uninvited guests
the two monsters follow in presenting an awkward smile
Mike: “We’re the… er, toilet cleaners! Phew! You’ve gotto hire us more often, the stench of this one hit us from five blocks away already!”
Sully: gently closes door “We’ll er, just be going now…”
everyone remains shocked and having widened jaws
Dentist: “All the animals have gone mad!”

WBoon: XD That was funny. The last line made me xD! xDDD

WBoon: Ha ha ha, that is a really funny onw. No kidding when said “All of the Animals

All the young fish looking off into the ocean from “the drop off”
Tad: Cool!
Pearl Inks
Pearl: Aw you guys made me ink
Tad: I didn’t scare you yet?
Pearl embarassed
Pearl: …sorry… premature ink-ulation

lol i dunno… hahah

Awwwww, that is so cute and funny Obie! I love it.

Random ones:

(scene with shark meeting)

DORY: Uhhhh…what are my lines?
BRUCE: For the last time just be yourself and it’ll fit.
DORY: Okaaaaay…who’s hungry?

(scene with tank gang in plastic bags)

BLOAT: Now what?
Arrow shoots out of nowhere
DEB: Ahh! That thing almost hit me! It would have hit Flo, too, but she’s invisible and an escape artist.
GIL: Hey, that’s a prop for The Bear and the Bow! Wrong movie, people! That’s not even out yet!

(scene with Squishy)

DORY: I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine. And he shall be my squishy. Come here, little Squishy…hey where’re ya going? Get back here-
chases Squishy until she hits Marlin

(scene with jellyfish)

DORY: Sorry, they’re not bouncy enough.

(take two)
DORY: Boing…whee…ahhhhh! Too bouncy!

(beginning scene)

CORAL: I like Nemo.
MARLIN: Nemo…well we’ll name one Emo…what? what’d I say?

(take two)

MARLIN: Well we’ll name one Harpo…what now?
DORY: giggles So that WAS his real name after all!

(take three)

MARLIN: Well we’ll name one MO…oh, sorry, I can do this!

(scene with seagulls)

SEAGULLS: Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! MIne!
NIGEL: Oh will you just shut up! You rats with wings!
SEAGULLS: Oh no you didn’t

(scene with ring of fire)

BLOAT: IF you are able to swim through the Ring of Choir!..Wait, was that right?

(take two)

BLOAT: IF you are able to swim through the Ring of Fire!
everyone is quiet and confused for a few secs
BLOAT: Turn on the Ring of Fire- the Ring of Fire! You said you could do it-
JAQUES: *turns on Ring of Fire, blasts into Bloat

(take three)

BLOAT (exasperatedly): If you are able to swim through the Ring of Fire…
small colorful bouncy balls and U-shaped magnet flies out of volcano

(last blooper reference to Wall-E vignettes)

Here is one:

Peach: Find a happy place, FIND A HAPPY PLACE!!!
Darla sings opera and shatters the glass.

Haha she sings off key, right?

Here’s a few more (this is fun):

(scene where Dory is supposed to speak whale)
DORY: Weeeeeee neeeeeeeed toooooooooo fiiiiiiiinnnnnd his sooooooon…Can you, mm-give us dire-eeeeeeecti-ooooooooonssss? I’m sorry, can we cut? Mr. Grumpy Whale here is suffering from short temper mod swings. Apparently it’s because his cousin was defeated by Pinnochio…

(scene with Moonfish)
MOONFISH: Oh, yeah, we’re pros at this! Watch out, we’re going super speed!
form vacuum, lamp, headphones, indivisual balls…

(scene in EAC)
SQUIRT: falls out of current
MARLIN: Oh, my goodness! is about to rush over
CRUSH: Whoa, kill the motor, dude. Let us see what Squirt does flying solo.
30 seconds past, Squirt hasn’t come back yet
CRUSH: (under his breath) Any second now…lemme say that again. says it louder Let us see what Squirt does flying solo…
Long time gone no sign of Squirt
SQUIRT: finally pops in, from other direction, with something on his face. As camera zooms in, it is revealed that he found a superhero mask. Sorry, guys. Hey, dad, did you see this? I wonder what it is…

(continued scene with moonfish)
MOONFISH: do impressions of surfers, racecars, Dynaguy, Mickey Mouse…

(scene with Darla saying “I’m a pihranna”)
DARLA" snaps jaws, but dentist isn’t quick enough

(continued scene with moonfish)
MOONFISH: continue impressions of various things, such as spaceships, grand pianos, monkeys, art sets, monsters, cash, toques, Peter Pan’s shadow, cats, bombs…

(scene where Nigel is supposed to fly and hit the window)
NIGEL: You know , you should really clean this window. I think something got in my mouth. Ugh!

MOONFISH: *keep on doing random impressions, this time of sports, like wrestling, baseball, bowling, hula-hoop, jump-rope, and track, but all fish trip and impressions fall apart.
DORY: They tripped underwater! Who in the world trips underwater!

(the following is a reference to the Toy Story 2 bloopers)

DEB: Flo and I are so glad you came! Bye! Buh-bye! Bye-bye, now! Bye! Goodbye! Remember, don’t pollute the water, because all drains lead to the ocean! Bye! Buh-bye! Bye! heheheh,…is- is everybody gone? seems to be talking to Flo Did everybody leave? Huh? Good! OMG my fins are killing me, I can’t keep swimming inside this screen, I am exhausted! How about a break? A little break? Ok. Phew!

Dory: Just keep swimming, just keep swimming
Cast of Nemo joins in and it becomes an all out dance party.

Even Mike Wazowski in his diving gear joins in the dance party!

Before you know it, there’s a underwater concert, and dance off!!!

And Dory’s song becomes a hit!

That sorta reminds me of a DreamWorks film or something. xD

bright-dot-dasher, that’s way too big for one outtake, although it could be a sequel.

Or hidden bonus feature in the DVD