Make Your Own Up Outtakes!

Russel:My name is Dug!
Producer:Hey! That’s Dugs line!

Carl:What am I gonna do Barney?

yeah they kinda suck

OK, here it is: My complete “Up” Outtakes Reel!

Carl rides the chair down the stairs at his house. It stops at the assigned point. His fist pounds the control. Nothing. Carl grumbles, pounds it again, nothing. Carl, clic-clic-clicking the button, grumbles, “I thought we had this thing fixed!” Techs come up to fix the chair. Carl calls, “Can somebody get me a latte?”

Russell is at the door for the first time.
Russell: “Well, I gotta help you cross something.”
Carl: “Uh, no, I’m doing fine.”
Carl closes the door and listens. When he opens it again…
Roz from Monsters Inc has taken Russell’s place: “Hello. Hah, hah, hah.”
Carl cracks up.

The next four outtakes come in rapid succession:

Dog shows Muntz the bottle of champagne.
Muntz: “Excellent choice.” (resumes talking to Carl): “I found it on safari…”
Dog uncorks champagne and it sprays all over Muntz.
Muntz: “Ughhhhh! (splutters) Towel! I need a towel!”
Carl & Russell are laughing.

Alpha has announced dinner.
Muntz: “Oh, dear, broken translator. It’s that loose wire again.”
Muntz pushes the loose wire back in and bzzzzt! The collar shocks him. “Ow!!” He shakes his painful thumb and puts it in his mouth.
We can hear Carl & Russell laughing off camera.

Muntz advances on Carl & Russell:
Muntz: “You know, Carl, these people who pass through here, they all tell pretty good stories. A surveyor, making a map…” He knocks the helmet to the floor. It lands on his foot. “OW!!” Muntz hops on his good foot. We can hear Carl & Russell laughing off camera.

Muntz shows up to take Kevin.
Muntz: “Get away from my bird!” He throws down the lantern and it bursts into flames. The flames burn his fingers. “AAOWWW!!! Medic! I need a medic here!” We can hear Carl & Russell laughing off camera. “Oh, shut up!”

The Shady Oaks Orderlies are waiting for Carl. “Typical. He’s probably goin’ to the bathroom for the eightieth time.”
We hear a toilet flush from inside the house. The Orderlies crack up.

Muntz’s trophy room. The dog is dusting the giant skeleton, drops the feather duster and gnaws on the leg bone. The whole skeleton comes crashing down.

Carl is flying in the house after his first lift-off, and hears the knock at the door. He opens the door. Camera whooshes over to where we should glimpse Russell – but it’s Roz. When the camera pans back to Carl, he cracks up. Cut to shot of Roz on the porch.
Roz: “Surprise! Hah, hah, hah.” (beat) “Can I come in?”
Carl is still laughing his head off.

Russell is tossing out the trail of chocolate for Kevin to follow. She just stands there for a moment, then…
Kevin (breaks character and turns toward the camera, speaking in the voice of Bonnie Hunt): “Pete, I can not eat any more chocolate! I mean, look at me! Any more of this and I’ll be playing the role of the blimp!”
Pete Docter (off screen): “Okay, cut.” (aside) “Do we have any sugar free chocolate?”
Kevin: “Can’t we just get, like, a tofu bar and some brown food coloring?”
Russell (whines): “But I don’t like tofu!”
Kevin (points a wing at Russell): “And that is why I don’t work with kids.”
Two crew guys have gotten Carl out of his house-harness and he walks off set: “Somebody get me a latte.”

Russell is tied to the chair, sliding down the ramp. Carl slides over from the house and reaches to grab him. He misses, and Russell drops out of sight. Seconds later, we hear a loud trampoline BOING! And Russell, still in the chair, comes flying back up. He falls and boings up and down again, we hear the safety mat just below camera range deflate as planned, and Russell’s voice. “That was cool! Can we do it again?”

Muntz’s dining room.
Muntz: “I hope you’re hungry, because Epsilon is the finest chef I’ve ever had.”
Epsilon sits nearby, wearing his chef’s toque. A door opens/light goes on behind him, and through the toque, we see a very familiar rat-shaped shadow…

Morning after the campfire; Kevin has wandered off.
Russell: “Dug! Find Kevin!”
Dug: “Find the Bird Find the Bird - POINT!” (Dug points at the roof of the house.)
Pete Docter (offscreen): “Cut! Dug, you’re supposed to point at the bush, not the house.”
Dug: “But the Bird is on the House!”
PD: “I know… but I need you to point at the bush.”
Dug: “But I am supposed to find the Bird. The Bird is not in the bush, it is on the house.”
PD: “Dug, it doesn’t matter where the Bird is. When Russell says ‘Find the Bird,’ you point at the bush. It’s a joke.”
Dug: “Oh, I know a joke! A squirrel says to a tree - um…”
Carl walks off set: “Hey, you – get me a latte.”

Carl has dumped everything from the house and gotten airborne. Knock at the door.
Carl: “Russell…?”
He opens the door.
Roz: “Guess who! Hah hah hah.”
Carl cracks up.

Russell, playing with Dug’s collar.
Russell: “Hey, boy, what do these do?”
The following Voices come from Dug’s collar as Russell turns the dial:
Buzz voice: “To infinity… and beyond!”
Wall-E voice: “WaAAlee”
Edna voice: “No capes!”
Mater voice: “Well, dad-gum!”
Dory voice: “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”

Newsreel. Scientist tries to pull the badge off Young Muntz’s jacket, but it won’t come off. Scientist turns toward the camera: “Does anyone have a pair of scissors?”
Young Muntz cracks up.



LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL karly05! wow! It did make my tummy hurts! :laughing:

Those were great! Great job!! Very creative and well done! LOL!!! I laughed my head off!!! :-D)

Brilliant, karly05, utterly brilliant! :laughing:

Wow, thanks, everyone. I had a lot of fun doing that.

Honestly, I’m tempted to post it over on the fan fiction forum, too, if that’s allowed. (Oh, and yeah, for anyone who’s read my Muntz fanfic, “Cut,” that last outtake is a self-indulgent inside joke I couldn’t resist.)

Oh yes. That part is seriously funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, chef. :slight_smile:

And of course, one of my favorite REAL outtakes is the running gag with Roz from Monsters Inc. Given the connections between MI and Up, the Return of Roz At The Door was inevitable! :wink:

I can’t help laughing and giggling to your ideas on the outtakes on Up, Karly05. XD!!! Your outtakes are so hilarious!!!

I love the one with Remy hidden under Epsilom’s toque. That would be a funny bloper Easter Egg!!! The one where Kevin talks back at Russell cracked me up and the outtakes on Muntz.
In fact, I love all of them!!!

I love your ideas!!!


Thank for posting!


Nice one!!!

Hahahahaha!!! LOL!!!
Chowder is funny!

I can’t stop laughing, karly05! Those are the greatest bloopers I’ve ever read! I love the whole, “get me a latte!” running gag. XD

Oh my god, karly05! Those outtakes were hilarious!!! :laughing: I wish that these outtakes could’ve been in the movie’s credits or on DVD! That’s how good they are! :smiley:

Beeju: Thanks for starting up this topic! :smiley: Also, great outtakes and fantastic drawings, too! Keep up the great work! :wink:

First off, WOW, Beeju, I love your drawings! You have some great Dug expressions, and the one of Kevin’s babies is just adorable. :slight_smile:

Whee, thanks, all, for the nice comments on my outtakes! :smiley:

Thank you so much Movieman369.

I’m honored you appreciate the art concepts I created. I originally post more Pixar fanarts on

Thanks to all of you guys for continuing this topic and giving some outtakes on this page.


I’m still trying to get used to all the settings and postings here on Pixarplanet.

It was a pleasure starting up this page.


Haha, not to go too offtopic here, but Beeju most definitely has one of my favorite pages on dA, you’ve got some serious talent! (I’m lvl27_cubone on there if you don’t remember. :smiley: )

Hey lvl27_cubone!!! :wink:

I’m so glad to meet you on here!!!

THANK YOU!!! Thank you ever so much for showing me around here and how to use some of the tools and codes for this site!!! I give you all my gratitude for that!!!

It took long to understand how to upload something like…pictures. I had so much trouble with it, I didn’t notice how easy it was to upload images on here. 8D

I love your signatures and your Up pictures!!! They’re so cute and funny!!!


Russel: With this baby, we’ll never- lets go of GPS too soon and it hits Carl
Carl: Ow! Watch what you’re doing kid!

Kevin pats Carl on the head with her beak
Carl: Hey! Not so hard!

dog eats Russel’s hotdog
Russel: Hey!
other dog drinks Russel’s orange juice and accidently spills it

Muntz: fixes Alpha’s collarThere.
Alpha: collar is still brokenThank you master…wait, it’s still not working!

Russel: Dug, find Kevin!
Dug: Find the bird, find the bird, find the bird, squirrel!
Russel: No, you’re supposed to find Kevin!

:laughing: I like those, skunklover! Especially Russell hitting Carl with the GPS (I can just see that), and Alpha’s collar still not working.