Mater and the ghostlight

Is it just me, or are Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy NOT in the short?

They are both in this short! Look in the credits! Jeez! Larry the Cable Guy is in all the Cars shorts, and Owen Wilson is only in Mater and the Ghostlight.

Owen did not participate in the Cars Toon, but is present in Ghost Light.

It’s just when I saw the short it did not sound AT ALL like Owen Wilson was playing Lighting McQueen…

It sounded like Owen Wilson to me! Then again, I’m a big fan of him, so I should know by now what his voice sounds like.

Oh yeah, that was definitely Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy. They made this short before they let the movie out on DVD, so they probably did it right after they finished making the movie (they may have done it during the making of the movie too). So, they already had all the actors and actresses at the studios. It wouldn’t make sense if they recorded the original characters and then went to go get their “back up” or substitute voices, would it? :unamused:

And ya got proof in the credits. It says plain as day “Lightning McQueen-Owen Wilson” and “Tow Mater-Larry the Cable Guy” and “Sally Carrera-Bonnie Hunt” and so on.

Ka-chow! :whip:

Pretty sure it is both of them.

But that’s only a matter of opinion! It may not be my favorite short, but I thought it was entertaining.

I’d like to here why you were disinterested with it though, for conversation sake.

I really like this short. It’s so funny. 8D Karma>Mater.

Yes, they totally pranked Mater after all his little pranks. Classic!

Yes, they totally pranked Mater after all his little pranks. Classic!

I love that Ramone says “Let me know how it ends” and drives off. 8D

Hahaha 8D That part is funny. I need to rewatch that short!

What’s especially amusing about the reaction is I’ve seen people say the same thing when I watch stuff. 8D

Not the best short in my opinion, but it has its moments. Ny favorites are when Mater tries to wake Lizzie up and when Lightning and Guido high-five each other. :slight_smile:

same here, not pixar´s best, but seeing this loveable characters once again is superb

that is a good one, I like that part too

I thought it was great fun and a wonderful addition to the DVD. Mater as the star of the shorts really shined, and my son still loves to take these out and watch them.

Which is wonderful, because I won’t let him watch Cars 2. In my family that was like that season in Dallas which turned out to be a dream. It doesn’t exist in official Demiurge continuity. :smiley:

I LOVED this short! I’d say Lightning and the group got even with Mater for sure. :laughing:

There are both in the short. And I love it.