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  • It is in my opinion that this is not useful :smiley:

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As some of you have noticed, thedriveintheater, when using a term of vulgar nature, used a Spoiler tag to hide it so that users of a younger age are unable to see it. Don’t worry, I’m not accusing anyone of anything, as I’m a culprit myself, too.

But, this raises an issue regarding the usage of profanities in the forums. Should we include a separate set of tags similar to the Spoiler tags that includes a warning that the hidden area consists of vulgar words? If anyone in the forums is capable of doing that, I am sure this will help all users, both young and old, a whole lot more.

I know that profanities are not even supposed to be used in the forums in the first place, but in my view, some expressions could only be put out in terms that are more… daring. Some feelings just can’t be expressed by words of such a soft nature without that punch. Nevertheless, these are just my two cents on these, so I hope you don’t mind. :slight_smile:

That’s an interesting point, Dragon of Omnipotency. In my opinion, words of that nature shouldn’t be used in the first place on here, and though I understand what you mean in that sometimes it’s difficult to get across what you’re trying to say with a bit of oomph without using a minor profanity, but I guess a good alternative is using more family-friendly terms with force. If you exclaim, ‘oh, SUGAR!’ on here, I’m sure people can see what you’re getting at. :laughing:

That’s just my opinion anyway. I might use profanities in real life but only in appropriate situations, and that’s the same with the internet as well, and I just don’t think Pixar Planet is an appropriate place for profanities. I mean, I wouldn’t swear in the middle of a job interview or whilst talking to a teacher, so I won’t swear here. :laughing:

That’s true, but I don’t really like to affiliate Pixar with ‘family-friendly’ like how Disney is. After all, Pixar does include its own mature jokes in each movie for the entertainment of adults. Wouldn’t it be symbolic if we also include ‘hidden tags’ with quirky, funny mature jokes in our posts like how those jokes were hidden in the movies? :wink:

Speaking of which, the usage of such mature terms is not for aggressive measures only. I would think that there are mature users among us, so cracking a few mature jokes here and there should be fine and reasonable, not to mention it would encourage more ‘mature’ users to join our community rather than just kiddies who are more probable in creating trouble. After all, kids will be kids, right?

Here is what I think. I am strong for keeping Pixar Planet a family-friendly site. I understand that Pixar does throw stuff at the audience that would suggest otherwise, and I commend them for that. I mean, I’ll admit in Toy Story, the thing Mr. Potato head does with his lips in the begining of the movie was pretty surprising and funny at the same time.

I notice that members do try to hide the vulgar words using spoiler tags, but that doesn’t mean you hide it from everyone. I would like for this site to be family-friendly. I only request that people would use words that they know is appropriate. Suggestion: If you can’t say it in front of a ten year old kid, don’t use it here.

Now just because this is a family friendly site, that doesn’t mean you are limited to family friendly material. Heck, some of the fanfics I have read got some stuff that could be considered PG13. But just remember. If you are going to post something that might be too strong for kids’ sensitive eyes, make sure to post a warning before hand.

Basically mature themes are allowed to be linked to (such as with creative outlets such as fan fiction, and videos), but you MUST give a warning detailing exactly what that link contains. This doesn’t mean there aren’t limits to what can be said or linked to - if a moderator thinks it’s too inappropriate, we have the right to edit and censor your posts and/or remove the link in question.

I like the idea of “don’t say anything here you wouldn’t want to say in front of a 10-year-old”. I was going to suggest “13 year-olds”, but I know younger kids these days are a lot more exposed to adult material than I was at that same age, so that may not work. The spoiler tag idea doesn’t exactly work because anyone can see what’s under the spoiler tag, and they wouldn’t know whether it’s an actual spoiler or something more mature. If you have to put a spoiler tag over it, then it’s probably best to use alternative language instead, or not say it at all. I have to admit, I’ve been a bit guilty of pushing the limits lately as well, which doesn’t set a good example as a moderator. I attribute this to my ‘cheeky’ nature and Australia is a bit more liberal when it comes to naughty jokes, but maybe it’s just my sense of humour.

I understand that there’s a mix of kids, pre-teens, teens, and adults at Pixar Planet, so you have to be careful with what you say. It’s hard to know exactly what you mean, Dragon, and how much of an extended leash you want. One of the best things about Pixar Planet is that it’s a kid-friendly site and forum, where they won’t be exposed to anything too mature or anything that will be corruptive to them. At the end of the day Pixar does make movies for adults and kids, so to have a site where they are safe to browse, especially as there are plenty of sites that do have unsavoury content and language on them, ones that I wouldn’t my 11-year-old to browse, that’s all the more reason to preserve the safe haven here.

In a short answer, don’t use profanities or vulgar words. Use alternative language instead. It’s pretty amusing reading the creative alternatives people use for swear words, and there’s humour in that repressive sort of langauge in itself, such as “shiz” or “fudge”. There are plenty of mature jokes here that have toed the line, but we’ve left because they were done in a tasteful fashion, but it’s all in the delivery. Once again, if we feel anyone has gone too far we will have the right to and will edit their posts. But outright swearing is a big no-no.

We’re still in the process of writing up some rules for the forums, which will hopefully make things more clear, so hang tight.

Well, I think Flare meant my comment in the ‘Are you single’ thread where I said the word wh***. To my knowledge, Shakespeare used that word in one of his plays, so I think it’s not as offensive as say, b*h or sl. Anyway, it’s still a naughty word, so mods are free to remove it and substitute it or do it ‘asterix-style’ like I’ve done above. The latter method is also a good alternative for now, if you think that spoiler-tagging the word ain’t precautionary enough. Adults would be smart enough to ‘read between the lines’. Or as Rachel says, you can be a little creative and swear bombastically. :wink:
And TSS made a good suggestion. The Mature thread is also a good ‘censorship warning’. I would increase the limits to maybe PG-13, since most kids are wiser these days, but otherwise nothing beyond that without a warning or censor. :slight_smile:

I try as best as I can whenever I post my stories, that I edit the swear words I keep in on fanfiction. I never use them, even when I put a warning saying it’s PG-13. I would change like “it’s a living h***” to “it’s a living nightmare.” Even though I have brought up some mature themes before, like abuse, in my stories. I know well enought not to swear, since we aren’t supposed to on here. It may not make as much of an effect as I wanted it to, but it’s better than breaking the rules.

I say whatever floats yer boat. I understand the concern to be family friendly, but it would be nice to loosen things up a little too. Of course there is a boundary between allowing certain things with ‘mature’ tags and being incredibly inappropriate, so I would hope that using those tags doesnt let someone think they have carte-blanche to swear like a sailor, or whatever.

I just want to clarify: there is no such thing as mature tags here. So please don’t use them that way. The spoiler tags are meant to be for spoilers ONLY, not to hide inappropriate words. If you have to hide a word under a spoiler, then do not say it at all. This forum is a family-friendly forum, and like I’ve said, because of the nature of the subject matter (Pixar), we have kids browsing these boards. In a way you can say what you want here, but at the end of the day, the moderators have a right to change your posts or even delete them if the content is too mature. There are plenty of other forums out there where you could post mature subjects, which is one of reasons we want to keep Pixar Planet safe for kids.

If something is classified for people over 16 years of age, please do not talk about it here, or link to any videos. Up to and including PG-13 is acceptable, as far as I’m aware. We will make this more clear in the upcoming rules. Otherwise, do not post about it. Pixar Planet welcomes opinions such as this, but at the end of the day, it’s up to the moderators and admins, but mostly the Director of the site, to tell you what you can and can’t post. We don’t want to restrict you, it’s to protect our younger members. Otherwise, happy posting.