Meet The Robinsons

How Good Was Meet The Robinsons

  • It Sucked-Bad story with bad animation
  • It Was Okay-It was a good animation movie but not close to Pixar
  • It Rocked-Totally awesome movie from Disney

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What did you guys think of disney producing "Meet the Robinsons’
i thought it was Disney’s best movie for a long time

Other than Pixar, it was really good. What I liked about it was how amazing they imagined the future without making it look freaky like some other movies about the future. And how the “keep moving foward” message was actually part of a quote by Walt Disney himself, so they still have a connection with Walt Disney.
I think that Disney should be given a chance every once in a while. :slight_smile:

I really liked the movie. The crazy Robinson family, the future and so on. I liked everything, especially the frogs. My favorite line was “I turn him into a duck! That is so evil.” :laughing:

P.S.: Shouldn’t it be in the Disney section?

I thought that Meet The Robinsons was one of my favorite Disney animation movies. It was funny, I loved the story and the characters. I loved it, but nothing can compare with Pixar. Still, it was better than CHicken Little in my opinion.

Oh yeah, I found some of those lines funny as well. For some days after watching it, I couldn’t stop reciting the scene that goes like:

-“You are now under my control!”
-“I am now under your control.”
-“Don’t repeat everything I say!”
-“I won’t repeat everything you say.”’
-"Did you just say excellent because I said excellent?
:laughing: (Sorry if that got on anyone’s nerve, couldn’t help myself)

You talk about favorite lines, my favorite line was "(I have a big head/There’s a million people) and [I have] little arms. I’m just not so sure how well this plan was thought through. . .master?

my favorite line was the “you are now under my control…”

that was just so well done.

I love meet the robinsons in fact its one of the best disney movies i can think of

I like the contribution to walt disney8)

It was actually much better than I had expected. Especially the first scene in the movie when she puts down the baby, you hear Louis slip. At first you’re like…“umm… okay…” And then at the end when you see him doing it you’re like… “Ohh…cool!”

I LOVED this movie! I thought it was so rad & funny. It’s def one of my favs now

I loved this one as well! I think it’s because I didn’t expect anything special from it, so when I watched it, it was awesome!

I thought it was a great movie! :smiley: I was surprised with a few twists in the storyline (the first time I watched it), but they fit really good into the story. And I agree with Nathan about the “keep moving forward” message at the end. :wink:

I remember when I first saw a commercial for this movie, the only reason I wanted to see it was because of the T-Rex… It made me laugh so hard the first time I heard that. :laughing:

I can’t totally bring myself to love the film. It did have some nice moments, but offhand, it gets a low B-. But to me, that’s generous, as ‘Chicken Little’ rates about a grade lower.

Since John Lasseter dipped his hand into this one, I felt that it could work well. And it did for quite a bit, but there were some peeves I had:

  1. The caffeine-patch. By the time I saw the film, I had seen that moment 100+ times, and did not find it funny anymore. Let alone the manic screaming right after it.

  2. The title. The title reeks of ‘executive tampering.’ It felt like the executives were trying to latch onto the ‘meet the parents’ bandwagon. Aka bring a guy into a strange family with all these kooky people. I wished it could have still been ‘a day in the life of wilbur robinson,’ or something simpler like that. Though I doubt any executive would approve a title where the name Lewis is featured.

  3. Some of the family scenes just felt like a ‘wall-of-sound’ at times. The PB&J stuff with the Uncle in his chair.

  4. Pop songs in Disney films during the film. Not as bad as Chicken Little, but some got on my nerves.

Ok, and some positives:

  1. the Disney 3D effect worked well sometimes, and in those scenes, it didn’t feel like the ol’ 3D comin’ at ya that much.

  2. Danny Elfman- his retro-futuristic music with those haunting vocals (example: ‘Pop Quiz’).

  3. The ending-it felt like a message like, 'we’ve got things in hand, and we’re gonna steer Disney back to what it was known for: innovation.

  4. Time-travel. Nuff said, as that was what also made me see the film along with Lasseter as Exec Prod.

  5. Peoplemover in ‘Todayland.’ Hello-executives. Did you guys see the design on those things? Put those in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland-pleeease!? Speaking of which, the Robinson’s future technology could figure into Tomorrowland somewhere.

OMG! I just saw this movie and it was really awesome! The story is totally brilliant and it is much cooler than I expected (from the animation studio that’s not Pixar). Well, I think this movie pulled Disney Animation’s standard up after a long-time downfall.

It’s okay. Not Pixar standard, but not rubbish, either. I guess the main negative I found was that I couldn’t really associate with any of the characters, and they mainly seemed slightly annoying. But it’s a good effort, and I’ve seen much worse films.

I really enjoyed it. It has a fun story line and interesting characters and settings. Not quite Pixar standard, but still good. I liked how the whole moral to the story was tied into a quote from Walt Disney; and an inspiring quote too!

It was mediocre and felt like something that didn’t reach its full potential. The entire middle portion of the film was just too chaotic for me. I understand that the Robinsons were eccentric, but it was like the filmmakers had a list of quirky ideas and randomly threw them into the film.

I liked the movie :smiley:
Spoiler: (highlight to read)
[spoil] At the end when the hat betrayed the guy with the moustash and ruled tomorow land?
Anyway, everyone wearing the bowler hats is kinda freaky, thats why for some reason I want to be mind Contorled :laughing: [/spoil]

But although it was, seen it like 5 times on Disney Channel :smiley:

Wildly uneven. They really overplayed the “wacky family” hand, but… Lewis and Wilbur and their story were really engaging, and I LOVED the Bowler Hat Guy and his story arc. I was lucky enough to see this the first time without any spoilers, and even though it’s been out for years, the joy of seeing it spoiler-free is such that I’m going to spoiler tag this: [spoil]Going in, I knew nothing about the character of Goob. When he appears early in the film, prattling away while Lewis works, I thought, “I love this kid! What a great character!” Then, at some point when BHG takes the memory machine to Inventco, I realized: Oh, my gosh, it’s GOOB! When BHG meets Goob in the orphanage and gets all teary while Goob is telling about his bad day at the ball game, I knew for sure that they were one and the same. And then, that great payoff, “Yes! Yes! It is I, Mike Yagoobian!!” And he’s still wearing the baseball outfit.[/spoil] That whole story made the movie for me. And you know the one thing I really really wish they’d done? I wish they’d given us one little scene during the end credits where [spoil]we’re watching a future World Series, and the last-inning, leap-over-the-wall, Series-Winning Catch is made by the happy/successful grown-up Mike Yagoobian - who looks just like the Bowler Hat Guy, mustache and all, but clean and healthy.[/spoil] That would have been a perfect ending for him.