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The other day, I actually came across this stickied thread regarding blogs made by the official Pixar staff members. Then, not too long ago, Al-Bob and another guy (whose name I did not have the fortune to catch) made a thread about their blog, even though one of them was created out of the intention of promoting the Pixar features in his blog rather than promoting the posts in it.

So, anyway, I was thinking about this for a while, and how about we have a sub-forum in the “Members, Inc.” forum to let the members of Pixar Planet forums post their various blogs in it, and to allow us to learn more about their daily lives, etc. if they desire to, that is.

I mean, the Members, Inc. forum was created so that we could learn more about our fellow members, right? Why not let them have an area where they could blog about their daily thoughts rather than flood the main forum itself with advice threads or miscellaneous threads regarding the problems of their life.

Heck, we could even move some of the existing blogs there, too, like Mitch’s “Art and Updates - News Central” if she wants to.

I’d post my blog but I just found out I swear too much. :blush:

Haha, FONY! My blog would probably be the same, if I wrote one, that is. :laughing:

I do quite like the idea, WBoon. The only downside I see is it’s detracting away from us all chatting about Pixar, which is obviously the reason why we’re all here.

I dunno, it’s down to the mods at the end of the day, but a good suggestion.

I actually posed a similar idea to Dash some months ago, asking if it was possible to make a separate section on the boards where members could post up their personal journal entries – a collage of forum diaries, if you will. I believe he may have responded stating that it might be considered an option in the future, but other than that… the idea is still pending, if it’s even still in existance at all. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. :wink:

– Mitch

I posted about my blog…but its been unedited for like 1.5 years?? When did i do that??

I think i mentioned the idea of users being able to get a blog here at pixar planet but that was never stated publically. I don’t see where i come into this picture at all…

A little confused…

LoL I was referring to your vacation blog, Al-Bob… :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, like the other said, it’s a good idea. It’s just too bad that it might not be a reality for a while as it would aid the forum pleasingly, I’m sure. :slight_smile:

That’d be cool if there was a blog system here on Pixar Planet … though I’d copy-paste (and censor!) my other blog posts. :smiley:

oh yeah that thing…i still haven’t gotten those pics up yet…i need to do that still.

I remember this topic and I remember not being against this idea and knowing that I wouldnt really do much with it. I dont really have time to maintain a blog, plus I’m not sure who would be interested. The closest thing I have to a blog would be my dA journal, which I update maybe once every one or two months…

don’t worry i do that too…1 week…1 month. It all depends on you how you would update it.