Michael Arndt Leaves Pixar To Write Snow White

Michael Arndt Moves to Snow and the Seven


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wasn’t Michael supposed to be working with Lee Unkrich in a super secret project, hoping to see this duo teaming again

Woah! Disney is remaking Snow White? Universal is, too! Weird…

Ugh, a Snow White remake? Fantastic. Well, as long as Arndt is doing what he wants to do.

Now there will be 3 SW movies. :frowning:

I can’t say I’m really that disappointed by this… Alice is one of my favorite films, so to have a similar film in development with Mr. Ardnt writing the screenplay is like heaven to me! :smiley:

I sort of agree with you. I love the original SW, but most people don’t seem to. It’s too “boring”. :unamused: However, I hope it’s not too similar to the Universal remake.

if it looks like to be a well done film I am in

This could be good, but it’s seems like another example of a reboot of a franchise that includes the same exact title minus 1-3 words.

(The Fast and the Furious, Final Destination, etc.)

I’d be rolling my eyes if Arndt weren’t in on this. I do love Disney’s original Snow White, and this sounds like it could have a really interesting story but I could imagine it happening how most hollywood movies happen, too.

i loved Michael’s work in Toy story 3. hope hos Rock of ages do well in future.

Now that there will be 2 Snow White films confirmed to be released next year, I guess Disney should look for a different project…

I really liked both of Arndt’s previous works (Little Miss Sunshine & Toy Story 3). So I’ll be very interested to see if his screenplay of Snow White lives up to the previous two.

Previous 2? What’s the other one besides the Disney one? I’d like to see it. :smiley:

Anyway, I’m not really sure I have any interest in this movie. Maybe when there’s more information.

Little Miss Sunshine, it’s one of my favorite movies.

OH! Okay, I thought you meant Snow White movies. 8D Sorry. :blush: