MidgardDragon's WALL-E Videos [New:I Want to Hold Your Hand]

Okay, putting myself out there since I can see already that there are plenty of talented people here, but here goes. I made a WALL-E video using “Meant to Live” by Switchfoot. I compiled trailer footage, and it’s mostly unedited except taking out titles and credits, as well as combining just a bit of certain trailers. I’m not sure how well it “flows”, but I’ve been told multiple times that this is one of the best song choices for WALL-E that people have heard so far. I’m also planning to do a “Down to Earth” video in the future, as well as to remake my Meant to Live video, once the DVD comes out.

WALL-E - Meant to Live Video

Ooh, another fellow music video maker. I make some too, but that is not the point. The point is I saw your Meant to Live MV and I think it was really good. You did a great job with such limited clips. You seemed to got a good sense of timing.

My only complaint is that it didn’t seem to flow for me as much, but other than that, well done.

4/5 stars!

Thanks, I appreciate the comment, and I definitely agree with your criticism. I didn’t put my best foot forward as far as flow went, and most just went with trying to put the scenes I really wanted into it. It definitely feels a lot like three trailers edited together at this point. Hopefully when I get the DVD and can use whatever clips I want, I’ll be able to work on that. Thanks again, though, both for the fast and positive response, as well as the friendly criticism.

Well, I was glad to review it for you. Can’t wait to see more.

WARNING: Used a bootleg copy (although the quality is good) but you can occasionally tell by the screen cut-off as well as a couple of frames with someone’s head at the bottom. I did see the movie at the theaters, many times, and will not provide links to this copy, I just used it so as to have enough material for a proper video.

I think the video itself turned out rather well. Maybe not my best work, some shortcuts used, but I enjoyed doing it, so here it is.


Please comment and rate, thanks. :slight_smile:

I’m no pro at this, but I have done a couple, and I really really enjoyed these!!! Awesome stuff man, to me you can’t get to much better than those! :smiley:

it is a really good video. I totally enjoyed watching it. Everything matched perfectly.

Nice work, keep it up.

Aww, I appreciate that guys. Thanks for commenting. The reason I say it’s not my best is because I let some scenes go on for a long time, and people are always telling me that I need to do more cuts and not let scenes go on so long. Although I figure if there are cuts in the middle of the scene anyway, just because you remember it as a whole scene from the movie doesn’t mean it’s a whole scene in the video, if you get what I mean. Anyway, really glad everyone’s enjoyed this so much. Thanks again!

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I thought you were going to stop using that bootleg copy… :confused:

I wasn’t aware the DVD came out a full 3 months early and was available for purchase, but if it is I’d be glad to buy it!

You seem to be missing the point. Pirating isn’t the answer. I mean, sure, waiting until a DVD release can be tough. But they are just AMV’s. Pirating for the sake of making a music video is a little pointless. But I’m sure you did it to watch it, too. But I’d gladly pay to see it 100 more times in theaters.

I’m not arguing this point, you can see hundreds of AMV’s of WALL-E using the pirated footage, if you wish to take issue with mine, just don’t watch it. I see vids on this very site using footage that I know for a fact wasn’t in any trailer (just check the post directly below mine) and fan videos themselves are a form of copyright infringement according to many companies, so I think you may have rather missed the point. It seems I’m getting an argument started over it simply because I was up front about my use of the footage, rather than just not commenting on it. Please leave the commenting in this thread about the video itself, not where the footage was obtained, please?

Even so, it only takes one person to say no.

My personal beliefs aside, it’s a good video. :smiley:

Thanks, I appreciate us putting our beliefs aside and discussing the vid. I’m very glad you enjoyed it. :slight_smile:

Both videos were great, but please do a Music Video on a movie that you have purchased or it’s trailer next time . :wink: I agree with Remy14 “it only takes one person to say no”.

Out of curiosity, have you two gone through every fan video thread on here saying this? Because I can name at least three different vids posted in this forum that use footage that is absolutely not available in trailers.

Now, once again, can we please not make this a thread about piracy? I’ll magically go into the future and purchase the film that I’ve already seen 5 times in theaters earlier than is physically possible next time, I swear. grumbles

No… this is the first topic. :laughing:

I really don’t look in here all that often. I just saw a new post and though I’d check it out.

Well, as I commented back to your YouTube reply, I appreciate you dropping it. I feel I am singled out for this because I’m honest, whereas others who do the same thing simply never comment about it or outright lie (yeah, I’m sure they all got the full ending of the movie from a trailer lol) and no one says anything. I hope we can all be friends, but I’d really appreciate it if the comments in here (negative or positive, I can take constructive criticism) were on the vids themselves. :slight_smile:

Agreed. Thanks for the reply and the subscription. I haven’t any videos yet, but I’ll be making some soon.