Mike's New Car

I’m surprised this short hasn’t been discussed. Anyway, what did you think about it? I found it hilarous. :smiley: My favorite part was when Mike get’s trapped in the machinery of the engine and calls Sulley via mobile to shout ‘PUSH THE BUTTON’ :laughing:

Wow, there seriously hasn’t been a thread for this, I’m suprised! Wasn’t it nominated for an Oscar?

Anyway, I love this short! Probably the funniest, imo!

Mike’s New Car is my fav Pixar short, because I find it so funny. :smiley:

This short isn’t a favourite of mine, but I find it amusing in most parts, like when Mike struggles to get his seatbelt on and when the car alarm goes off. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think we did once have a thread on this, but because it wasn’t stickied it’s probably been moved into the archives.

This is an amusing short mainly for how extreme it is. I do love Sulley’s apologetic reactions to all of the mishaps that happen, but it isn’t a short that has much weight to it- rather, it’s just a bit of fun.

I love this one!! It’s so funny. :laughing:

I love this short. It is funny.

Its definatly one of my favorites!

It is mine too^^.

This short is awesome! It is hilarious. And there are so many great moments in it.

It is one of the first that I remember ever seeing.

I love this short! Especially when Mike gets stuck underneath the closed hood of the car. :stuck_out_tongue:

The first one I saw was Ghost Light.

That’s a great moment.

I love that part.

I hadn’t watched this short in a long time, but I gave it a look last night. Just as funny as I remember it. I also know how it feels to get the seatbelt in a car stuck. Very annoying.

I find it questionable how Mike manages to call Sulley when trapped under the car bonnet.

Heehee, car bonnet.

Yeah, but it is a cartoony short.

I love this short!!! It’s just pure hilarity from beginning to end. It’s one of my favorite Pixar shorts.

I re-watched Monsters Inc the other day in 3D. and I re fell in love with the characters again. And this short is another reason why I like mike and Sully so much.