Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocal

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to watch the teaser for the Brad Bird-directed, Michael Giacchino-scored fourth movie in the series. Here it is: facebook.com/video/video.php … 9&comments

AWESOME Trailer, I am excited for this one!!!

I hope this is as good as it seems.

First one was good, second one not so much and I personally think that the third one, directed by Abrams, was great. I hope this one keeps that same style.

And I hope it can do well, as I don’t want Bird’s career to flop on his first live action film.

Brad Bird, being a loyal fan of ya, I am going to watch this movie… and yes, i think the trailer looks so cool! Best of luck to ya.

Haha, I love the misspelling in the thread title, so I’ll leave it there. 8D

I saw this in IMAX when I was in Singapore and it was totally worth it for the Burj Khalifa skyscraper scene! :slight_smile: Oh, and Pixar fans might want to keep their ears peeled after Ethan makes his hospital escape, there’s a reference to A113 in there! :wink:

Read my mission debriefing (aka review) for more info! Or click on my sig. :sunglasses:

My mom likes the movies, but I only watch the original TV show.
[spoil]Only the episodes with Martin Landau. <3[/spoil]