Moment of Decision

First of all, I would like to address the fact that this thread is not the representing of a new fan fiction, it’s just about an existing one. So, if the mods feel that this is better off placed in the “Off Topic” forum, move away.

Now that the issue is cleared, I can address the main point of this topic.

As a little amount of people of this forum know, I am currently writing an Incredibles fan fiction called, “ii - An Incredibles Sequel” which is about my vision of, well, the sequel to “The Incredibles.” It wasn’t a big success, receiving little reviews, which is the problem I would like to address here.

See, this is truly the moment of decision, because if this thread (the one you are reading at this moment), this discussion does not work out, I am quitting from authoring the story for good. It is not a threat (not that it would pose much of it…). I am simply a little tired of wasting my time and I would love to know if I am (wasting my time).

Given the little reviews I have now, I doubt I would receive many in the future. I’ve been on and did a little searching. There was this guy with a story containing over five to eight chapters, yet he received a little amount of only six reviews, and I was afraid I might become that guy because if I’m going to spend hours every day and night writing out a story no one really gives a darn concern about, I am better off enjoying myself somewhere else.

So, here it is. Do you think I should call it quits from writing this project? Do you think it’s worth my time? If your answer is ‘Yes,’ all I have to do now is to walk away - simple. Of course, if you feel I should work on it further, I’ll have to hear some good reason.

And please, TSS, we all know that your thousands of stories received millions of reviews; please don’t boast it down here, that is not the purpose of this thread, thank you.

And thanks for reading. Hope your answers would be beneficial.

Well WBoon, if you want my opinion, I think that you should just stick with your story. I know that you aren’t recieving a lot of attention with your story right now, but you have got some fans, me included. I speak for all of them when I say I would be very sad and disappointed that your story just suddenly stops. Now I know it isn’t recieving a lot of reviews. And yeah, that happens some times. It has for me before I wrote TI stories. But consider this. The Incredible fandom isn’t as huge as it was a while back. That probably explains why people don’t review a lot of TI stories. Just because you aren’t getting a lot of reviews, that doesn’t mean the story is bad. In fact, I really love your story and wish with all of my heart that it continues.

I hope this helps.

I’d have to say that if you don’t have time to write a story that you enjoy to write and have ideas about don’t continue it…

If you;
Have time (extra time)
Good ideas in the future of the story
and you enjoy writing the story

Continue it…

if some of those don’t make it then don’t…I just ran into one of these problems with Monsters Inc. 2 i wanted to write…just no ideas and no time…

WBoon: here is a tip. I just write stories for fun and to show the world that I love the Incredibles. i don’t care about reviews. It just comes. but I don’t put all of my focus on it.

Well, on my account, I have two stories, and only one of them has reviews. It has 22 long chapters and six reviews, all of which were only for earlier chapters. So yeah, I stopped posting there.

But people enjoy my stories on other sites so I continued with them even though i wasn’t posting on that site. I think that even if you have just a few people who like the story you should still try to continue it. ^^

well if you post here you should get a few reviews;


lots in my opinion…
i wish everyone read them though…that would really bring the fanfiction to the surface

Heh, I knew it.

See, if I am to post this thread in any other message board, I would only be criticized for my cynicism and selfishness. But you guys, I somehow knew you guys would just be all nice and warmhearted with it. :cry: I love you guys.

And sorry about the things I said about you in the first post, TSS, I didn’t really mean it. I mean, I kinda meant it about how you always claimed to have so many great reviews which kinda bothered me in the past, but now that I see you’re still backing me up, I don’t really want that to affect our friendship. I’m sorry. :frowning:

Well, since now I know that my story ain’t totally trash, I’m going to continue, then! :smiley: Thanks, you guys, I love you guys, so much. <3

Hey, we’re all friends here. I forgive you. You continue your story and I promise I will continue to read and review it.

same here…

Even though the choice is all yours, WBoon, I don’t think you should quit because of the few readers. When I first started my fanfictions, they weren’t really that popular. But fanfictions are fun to write, and at least you got some commenters. Better than none at all. :wink:

I will go read it when I have time. Sorry for missing out. Seems like you’re desperate for more readers, as I’ve felt before, too. But don’t beat yourself up about it and give up so soon. I’m sure you’ll reel some more in, in time.
I bet even movie-makers feel unsure every once in a while. They’re taking the chance, unsure of how popular the outcome might be. But they dedicatedly stick it it, and their hard work pays off. :wink:
Hope you feel better about this.

Thanks, bright dot-dasher. With your comments, I’m feeling much better now. :slight_smile:

I know that popularity is just skin-deep, but sometimes, it kinda determines your skills so that kinda affects me sometimes.

But thanks for answering this topic, and I’ll try my best to complete the story. :wink:

and if you need anymore encouragment be sure to just ask for some more…