Monsters, Inc. 2

No, I don’t have any fan fiction to share at the moment, but it’s coming soon-ish. I’m just making this thread to encourage me to not give up on it.

Basic plot: Sulley gets sentenced to 30 years in prison for murdering Randall. When he comes out he finds Monstropolis in an apocalyptic state. Sulley must decide whether to save Monsters, Inc. or reunite with Boo in the human world, leading to much wacky antics and excitement.

Basically it’ll be written like all of my other fan fictions, except less self-referential and tongue-in-cheek. It should be approximately the normal length of a screenplay. It’ll be on Google Docs, so I’ll bump this thread up with the link when I’m finished (I’m about 30-40% through at the moment).

Interesting plot idea. Keep us posted!

It’d be an interesting reading!