Monsters, Inc. 2

Or 3. This is based off the abandoned Circle 7 script. Here ya go!
[i]Sulley turned the knob and opened the door.

“Boo?” he asked.

“Kitty!” Boo said.

Sulley smiled.[/i]

That was the last time Sulley ever saw Boo. It had been 15 years since that day. Monsters, Inc. was thriving and the University of Joy was getting new applicants everyday.

But none of that mattered to Sulley as he sat in his office staring at the picture Boo drew him 15 years ago. He glanced at his calender. November 2. There was something important about it, but he couldn’t remember.

“Hey buddy!” Mike Wazowski said as he barged in.

“Oh, hey Mikey,” Sulley said, startled.

“So, what’s up?” Mike asked, noticing Sulley’s surprise.

“Oh, nothing,” Sulley lied.

“Umm, okay,” Mike said. “Oh, don’t forget, it’s Boo’s birthday today.”

Sulley facepalmed. “That’s what I was trying to remember!”

“Wait, you forgot?” Mike said surprisingly.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s been 15 years, she probably doesn’t remember us,” Sulley said as his face fell.

“Y’know, you usually don’t forget life-altering events, like spending two days in the monster world,” Mike said sarcastically.

Sulley sighed. “I don’t know, Mikey. I’m just not–” Mike cut him off.

“You’re gonna get her a present because I said.”

“Oh fine. Whatever.”

They headed to Scaremart and bought her a nice bouquet of flowers. Then they waited for the morning.

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Chapter 2

Mary’s room was like any other 18-year-old’s room. Except for one thing: the drawings of a big, blue, hairy monster and a little green cyclops that littered the walls. They ranged from stick figures at age 3 to a beautiful watercolor that won a blue ribbon in her junior year. But they were all the same. She didn’t know why she always drew them, considering that night felt like a dream. Only, it didn’t. It felt real, like she was there.

“Mary, Jessica’s here!” her mom called from the kitchen.

Jess had been her best friend since kindergarten, but she didn’t believe Mary’s stories. No one did. They all said it was a dream. Even her boyfriend, James, didn’t believe her!

James Sullivan. That name always brought her comfort. She didn’t know why, but she felt it had something to do with those drawings.

“Mary!” she heard Jess call from downstairs.

“Hey, Jess, I’m coming,” Mary called back.

“Hurry up. I’ve got a surprise for you!” Jess called.

Oh yeah, it was her birthday. She almost forgot. For some reason, every night on her birthday, she would stare at her closet door waiting for something to come in. But no one did. Not since that night 15 years ago.

[i]The door opened and a hairy, blue monster peeked his head in.

“Boo?” Kitty asked.

“Kitty!” she replied.

Kitty smiled.[/i]

She cleared her head. That was many years ago. This was now. She ran downstairs to see her best friend.

“Hey Jess!” Mary said as she slid down the railing. “So, what’s the big surprise?”

“I’m taking you to the place that we met at!” Jess said with a smile.

“Cool,” Mary said.

Her phone buzzed. She looked at it. It was a message from “James < 3”

“Hey, happy b-day,” the text said.

“Thx. so r u doin anything nice 4 me 2nite?” she typed back.

“Yeah. ive got reservations @ harryhausens,” James texted back.

“Awesome! wat time?” Mary typed back.

“7,” James replied.

“Cool. c u then. luv u,” Mary replied.

“Luv u too,” James replied.

“What was that about?” Jess asked when Mary put her phone away.

“James got a table at Harryhausen’s,” Mary replied.

“Ooo, swanky,” Jess said.

“Yeeah, before this gets anymore awkward, let’s go,” Mary said.

“Yeah, okay,” Jess said, laughing.

They headed towards Jess’s blue Porsche.

Mike and Sulley sat in Sulley’s office, waiting for dawn.

“I still don’t feel comfortable about this, Mikey,” Sulley said, nervously.

“Relax, bug guy. It’ll be fine. In a few hours, it’ll all be worth it,” Mike reassured Sulley.

“It better be. Or you owe me big time,” Sulley said.

“Have I ever steered you wrong before?” Mike asked.

“Yes, many times,” Sulley said.

Mike hesitated. “Shut up,” he said, punching Sulley in the arm.

Chapter 3 whenever I finish it.

Chapter 3

At 7 sharp, a blue Hudson Hornet pulled into 113 Park Ave. James Sullivan walked up to apartment A and rang the doorbell. The door opened and there stood Mary in a stunning white dress.

James stammered. “Wow, you look amazing.”

“Thanks!” Mary said with one of her beautiful smiles.

“Shall we go?” James asked.

“Why, certainly,” Mary responded with a curtsy and a giggle.

They headed towards James’s car.

“Hey, nice car,” Mary said.

“Thanks,” James replied. “It’s my dad’s. He let me drive it for our date.”

“That’s nice of him to let you borrow Doc,” Mary said as she climbed in.

“Yeah,” James sighed as he started the car.

They drove for 15 minutes before pulling up to Harryhausen’s. James flipped the keys to a valet and headed inside, Mary at his side.

The door opened and the patrons shouted some odd phrase that James didn’t understand. He led Mary to a table near the back window. James pulled out a chair and motioned for Mary to sit.

“Thank you,” she said with a smile as she sat.

A waiter came over.

“Good evening. My name is Mustafa and I will be serving you tonight. Can I start you two off with anything to drink?”

“I’ll have a water,” Mary told the waiter.

“Ditto,” James said.

“Alright, two free waters,” Mustafa said. James heard him mutter, “Big tip coming my way tonight.”

“So, are we doing anything after dinner?” Mary asked.

“I was thinking of maybe taking you to that new Jennifer Lawrence- Ryan Reynolds romantic comedy,” James said.

“Awesome! I’ve been wanting to see that since the first trailer came out!” Mary exclaimed excitedly.

Their waters arrived. “Here you are, two FREE waters,” Mustafa said through gritted teeth, putting a lot of emphasis on the free part. “Are you two ready to order?”

“Yes, I will have the chicken parmagiana,” Mary said to Mustafa.

“And I will have the linguini alfredo, please,” James stated.

“Is that all?” Mustafa said.

“Yes, thank you very much,” James said as Mustafa took their menus and went into the kitchen.

A few minutes later, their food arrived.

“Enjoy,” Mustafa said with an incredibly forced bow.

They ate and talked and laughed and had an all around great meal. They hopped back into “Doc” and headed over to the theater. The movie was not funny and kind of dumb, so they left a little before the end. James dropped Mary off back at her house.

“Thanks for the date. I had a wonderful time.,” Mary said as James kissed her and she climbed out of the Hornet.

“I had a great time too. I love you. Happy birthday,” James told her.

“I love you too. See you Monday,” Mary said as she started off.

“See ya,” James said as he reversed out of the parking lot of Mary’s apartment complex and headed home with a smile spread across his face.

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Chapter 4

Sulley glanced at the clock. It read 10 AM, so he and Mike headed down to the factory floor to find Boo’s door.

“Mikey, I still don’t feel good about this,” Sulley said to his pint-sized friend.

Mike rolled his eye. “Relax, will ya? You’ve been jumpy ever since we decided to do this.”

“We?” Sulley asked incredulously. “There is no we here. It was your idea!”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Mike said as they walked to the floor attendent’s window. Ever since Roz left the company after the incident 15 years ago, Celia had taken over as main floor attendent.

“Oh, schmoozie-poo!” Mike said as they strolled up to the window.

“Googly-bear!” Celia said excitedly. “What do you need , Michael?”

“I need the door for ID PDA113 and fast,” Mike said.

“PDA113? That’s not in the database, Michael,” Celia said.

“Oh, silly me. I meant LUDODTS3.”





“Nope, sorry.”

“Just tell her to look under Gibbs!” Sulley shouted, irritatedly.

“Gibbs? Mary Gibbs? ID PDMIMIND?” Celia asked.

“That’s the one! DOB?” Mike asked.

“November 2, 1998.”

“Perfect!” Mike exclaimed as Celia handed him the door key. It had Boo’s face emblazoned on it exactly as she looked 15 years ago.

“Thanks, schmoozie-poo!” Mike said as he ran towards the laugh floor.

“No problem, Michael!” Celia shouted after him.

“Sorry about snapping, Celia. He was just getting on my nerves,” Sulley said in an undertone.

“It’s okay, Sulley. To be honest, he was annoying me too!” Celia laughed under her breath.

“Thanks for your help,” Sulley said as he walked after Mike.

When Sulley arrived at the door station, Mike had already swiped the card and was standing there waiting for the door.

“Ready, big guy?” Mike asked as Sulley strolled up.

“No, but I kinda have to, seeing as how you dragged me here,” Sulley responded.

The door arrived. It was plain white, but missing the familiar pink and yellow flowers.

“Uh, Mike, that’s not her door,” Sulley said as he pointed towards the unfamiliar door.

“It’ll be fine! What could go wrong?” Mike said.

“A lot of things. Here goes nothing,” Sulley said as he turned the knob and walked through the door.

Chapter 5 tomorrow!

Chapter 5

After James left, Mary went inside.

“Hey, sweetie!” she heard out of the living room.

“Oh, hey grandma,” Mary replied.

“On a date. James took me to Harryhausen’s and then we saw a movie.”

“What movie?”

“Just some stupid rom-com. It wasn’t very good. We left early.”

“Sounds like fun. I came over because I wanted to give you this,” her grandma said as she held out a big green box.

“What is it?” Mary asked, extremely confused.

“Open it and see!”

Mary unwrapped the box and found herself holding a piece of wood, about 4" by 6", white with pink and yellow flowers on it. Everything suddenly got blurry.

“I knew how heartbroken you were when we moved and had to leave behind your room. So I went back and asked the current owner if I could take a piece. He said it was fine and so I did,” her grandmother said, wiping away tears.

“Thank you so much, Grandma! This means a lot,” Mary said as she hugged her grandma before heading up to her room.

She peeled off her dress and threw on a pink shirt and some purple pajama pants. She sat on her bed and looked over the piece of wood she know possessed. She knew exactly where it came from and why it had meant so much to her. Then again, that night felt like a dream.

[i]The door opened and a hairy, blue monster peeked his head in.

“Boo?” Kitty asked.

“Kitty!” she replied.

Kitty smiled.
She glanced over at her closet. Nothing. She logged onto her Facebook and saw that no one was on. She went to her Twitter and found that it was completely dead, save for some football tweets from some of the guys at her school. She closed the laptop and went over to her bed. As soon as she lied down, she heard a click. She whipped her head to the door and saw that no one was there. Then she heard a creak, a creak that could only be coming from one place. The closet. She whipped back toward the closet just in time to catch a glimpse of a big, blue, hairy monster and a little green cyclops.

Then she fainted.

WowWowWow, Pixarfan9099, this is great! I love this so far! It’s very realistic and feels straight-on to what a sequel would look like! And I love all those Pixar references you’re throwing in there! You’re doing a great, great job!
On a random note, I had no idea that what I’d heard to be MI2 was another Circle 7 thing again… I recently read about the Circle 7 TS3 in my Toy Story: An Animated Journey book and it makes me soooo glad that Disney and Pixar didn’t split.

Thanks for the feedback, OwP! It really means a lot! Here is the article that has the Circle 7 MI2 stuff in it. Obviously mine is different in that they actually find Boo/Mary immediately. I’m hoping to post a new chapter tomorrow before PPMN. Y’know, if I write it by then.

Here’s the “trailer” they put together: