Monsters, Inc. Fan Commentary

In June we are going to be commentating on Monsters, Inc.. To those people who are interested in commentating on Monsters, Inc. who have NOT yet participated in a practice in the past, please indicate your interest here to comment on the film. I’ll then organise for you to be in a practice session sometime this month, ready to commentate when it comes around to June. You have 10 days to reply to this thread. People who have already participated in a practice/feature are more than welcome to attend any practice for Monsters, Inc. if we have any.

Fan commentary rules and information can be found in this thread.


I’m down for this one!

Would love to but MAN I’ve got to get some equipment!!! Arrgh… :imp:

I’ll just have to wait n see I guess…


I’d love to do it! But, like Pixfan, I don’t think I have any equipment. I know I have an old mic laying around somewhere
Problem is, I don’t even know if it works anymore.
I’ll get back to you on it (when I find the mic XD)

Awesome. Three new commentators expressing interest already. Must be the new advertising tactic. :slight_smile:

You can pick up a headset at any electronics store, or even the electronics section of a department store. Even the cheapest version should do, but it might break easily. You get what you pay for. You’ve still got at least 10 days to pick one up. Another option you could do for the practice is plug an earpiece into the mic jack. It does cause static so wouldn’t be suitable for a feature, but for a practice it should be fine to tide you over until we commentate on Monsters, Inc. next month.

Okay, well… Apparently, the Mic got thrown away some time ago because it was presumed broken. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m saving my change for my ticket to Up during opening week, so that was a no go.

I knew we had a singing game for the PS2 that had a USB mic… but my sister took and sold that. XP

So, that leaves me with my last option.

Point is, I could do it. It would be some work on my part (I have a smaller monitor that happens to have a built-in microphone that I could hook up for the commentary.) But it could work.

I understand I need an account in Skype, right? I can do that.

PM me so we can start testing and what-not. :slight_smile:

If you’re going to use the mic in your monitor, make sure to also plug in earphones so it doesn’t cause feedback (where others would be able to hear their own voices). You’ll be able to practice on a Pixar short film and talk to us after the submissions period for new participants has closed in 10 days.

By the way, anyone who is definitely going to participate in this practice can feel free to give their preference for what short film they’d like to commentate on.

I’d love to participate in the real thing, but if it’s going to be in June then that’s a no-go month for me. It’s a shame- this is probably the fan commentary I was most looking forward to- but I’m sure a lot of the films will be done more than once so I’ll join in the second time around.

lizardgirl: If you can’t participate in an MI commentary in June, then we can always do an MI commentary again in the future.

Yeah, that’s a good idea TSS. I guess I’m free right at the end of June for about a week, but I wouldn’t want to delay the commentary to the end of June if it’s easier for others to do it earlier.

I would also like to participate.
End of June is fine for me, btw.

Since I’m almost 100% sure I can do the commentary,

I’d like to suggest a few short films.

I (personally) would like to do:
Knick Knack,
or BURN-E.

But I know we all have our prefrences, so just throw some names around and we’ll see what we want to do the most. :slight_smile:

I would really like to join, but first I need a mic. Hopefully I’ll get one after Up comes out! :smiley:

I’d prefer either For the Birds or Knick Knack, but any of them would work for me really.

As much as I want to do this one, the equipment issue is hitting me as well.
shrugs Ahh well…me and my cast have a different way of doing commentaries.

BURN-E would work really well for a practice session simply because it’s so long for a short film. But I’ll leave it up to you guys.

If others don’t mind, we can do the Monsters, Inc. commentary in the last week of June so lizardgirl can participate. It wouldn’t be the same without you, lizardgirl. :slight_smile: I suppose we can wait and see once it rolls around to June and decide then what to do.

Nexas - And what way do you record fan commentaries? I’m intrigued.

I’m fine with doing BURN-E and the end of June works for me.

Rachel- Well, that would be good, but only if it’s okay with everyone else. And thanks. :smiley: :laughing:

Fine by me, gives me more time to go get a headset…:-D)


I’m fine with that too, it give me time to figure out if I can fix my mic. XD