Monsters, Inc. Fan Commentary

Well we don’t generally record. In most honesty, it’s not as efficent as the normal way commentaries are made. How we do it? Well…maybe someday you’ll see ^_-

Ok, chumps and chumpettes, could all the people interested in participating in a commentary practice session before Monsters, Inc. please send me or post their schedules here within the next 7 days. Thanks.

This weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday) I’m on a mini vacation. (Already went on this.)

I have school monday - friday from 7:00 to 3:00 PST Until the 3rd week of june.
Dinner is usually at 6:30 PST.
Saturdays or Sundays are usually bad days to do stuff, unless it’s in the evening, but I can’t even guarantee that.
June 5th I’m going to see Up (I’ll be out all afternoon…)
I am in Boy scouts so Wensday nights are a no go.

Of course this schedule is liable to change. If it does I’ll let you know (as I’d really like to participate in this commentary.) :wink:

EDIT: Changed just a little bit, to make it clear and easy to understand.

At this moment I am pretty free. The only days I am for sure busy is all day Monday and then Tuesday and Thursday afternoon (anytime after 6 pm central will work those days). I always end up playing the beginning of summer by ear because when/if I get a summer job, my schedule will change. Right now, I don’t think my schedule for next week will change.

If there is an extra chair for this commentary I would love to be a part of it.

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

The Pixarian - Sure, you can join in. You haven’t ever done a practice before, so you’ll need to participate in a practice before Monsters, Inc. and either private message me or post your free times for the next 2 weeks within the next 7 days. Take a read of this thread, too, as well as let me know which timezone you live in so I can work out the schedules.

Mygames19 and Hannahmation. Thanks for those schedules. Within the next few days I’ll work out possible times for a practice commentary to be done, so keep an eye on this thread. :slight_smile:

Count me in. I’m totally free after my examination today! Well… I wouldn’t say ‘totally,’ I do still have some Pixar fan works to work on. Otherwise, I’m on. :slight_smile:

Well, the deadline for schedules has already passed, but if you can fit into any of those times above then that shouldn’t be a problem, Dragon of Omnipotency. Could you please give me your city or time zone so I can edit those times above to include you? :slight_smile:

chuckles I’ll have to make a note to review these commentaries when they’re finished :laughing:

Okay. It is GMT+8, so it’s about 12 hours ahead of you guys. :slight_smile: But, since I stay up at most of the nights, I might be able to pull some all-nighters.

Mhmm… all the dates listed by my timezone says 9th of June only. >_<" Ah, well, 9th June it is. :smiley: I’m free the next week, too.

And er, sorry for not telling you the city name, yet. :stuck_out_tongue: I just want to keep my privacy like that.

Whoopsie. That was a mistake, so there’s two other options other than the 9th of June, DOO. Also, you’ll need a Skype account. Please download the program before the practice and then PM me your Skype username then I will add you to my contacts list.

lol It’s alright, I’m free on the 9th anyway, so I might as well do it on that day. 9th June it is. :wink:

As for the Skype application, I think I have an account once but I misplaced it somewhere. I’ll try and retrieve it again by today. Otherwise, I’ll create a new one and tell you the username later.

Well, it’s just that there’s two other people that are going to be practising with you, so the more options that everyone is available, the better chance there is for you all to practice together. Usually if we’re available all of the times, we pick the first available time then at least we have others as a back-up. So if you are available on those other two times, just let us know. Thanks. :wink:

Right, right, like a ‘just-in-case’ procedure. Well, I’m available on all of those times (I’m practically a slacker). It’s my mid-term holiday, so just mark me as free for the three dates. :slight_smile:

Ok, no worries. Thanks, and welcome aboard! It’s always great to have new members join in on the commentating fun. =)

Since it is late enough my time, I can do any of those days. Haven’t watched Burn E in awhile. Must go watch it a few times now so I am ready!

Thanks Rachel for the reply

I’d like to join in on this session and I am able to do any of the timeslots except for the 8th/9th time. My timezone is GMT-5 so I think the meeting time, for me, would be 9:30PM on the first night given of the two.

erm… Thanks :smiley:

(did any of that make any sense?)

Yes, your time zone is the same as for Minneapolis, thewisecookiesheet.