Monsters, Inc. Fan Commentary

Thanks Rachel for the reply

I’d like to join in on this session and I am able to do any of the timeslots except for the 8th/9th time. My timezone is GMT-5 so I think the meeting time, for me, would be 9:30PM on the first night given of the two.

erm… Thanks :smiley:

(did any of that make any sense?)

Yes, your time zone is the same as for Minneapolis, thewisecookiesheet.

I am 100% sure I could do it on Tuesday, 7:30 PST.

I ought to go see BURN-E a few times over to have something to say XD

Alright…I need someone to break this down for me in one post, since I’m at work, with limited computer time, right now(my class I normally have now is practicing for “graduation”).

When is this commentary-time, date? I need time in terms of Eastern US.
What equipment is needed, besides a computer?
Are any special programs required, other than an internet connection?
Probably, and to me, most importantly, is anyone from Pixar actually going to participate, or have access to what the fans say, or is this a “just for fun” thing?

I have high-speed DSL at home, but not Skype or anything like that. I think my brother has a webcam and microphone, not sure if he’s bought one to replace the one that got destroyed in a house fire back in January, but I know he has had them. If he does I could probably borrow from him temporarily.

I’m normally a night-owl during the summer, when school is not in session, and we’ve got only two more days, officially, before it’s out for summer(cue the Alice Cooper song, somebody), so time really isn’t that big an issue. The main thing is having a voice, as a fan, that will be noticed by Pixar. I mean, I can post all I want to people here, and it won’t really make a difference one way or another, with regards to things like sequels, will it? I’m not a “camera-friendly” individual, in terms of being in front of the lens, so if it’s just to have other people here see and hear me say basically the same things that I can type on the forum, what’s the point?


YOU commentating Pitbulllady? My my…this just got more intresting…hope your able to get in :slight_smile:

pitbulllady - You should find all of the relevant information about general commentating in this thread: Fan Commentaries - Rules and Information. If you have any questions that aren’t covered in that thread, post over there and I’ll answer and add more info to the original post.

The Monsters, Inc. commentary will take place in late June. We haven’t yet organised an exact date or time yet. That usually gets organised after the practice has finished. However, I must point out that the callout for new commentators for this month (a practice is compulsory before anyone can do a feature), has now closed. But I’ve stretched the rules a little bit, so if you can turn up to the most likely practice date that will be happening next week, then you can participate in Monsters, Inc.:

Tuesday 9th/Wednesday 10th June
Oregon: 7:30pm, Tuesday 9th June
Minneapolis: 9:30pm, Tuesday 9th June
??? GMT + 8: 10:30am, Wednesday 10th June

So, basically, if you can make it to the above time, you can participate in the practice and then the Monsters, Inc. feature. If not, unless you are Mygames19 or Hannahmation (since they got their schedules to me on time) then I won’t take your schedule into account because the deadline has already passed. Those who have already done a practice in the past don’t have to do another one, unless they want to, and would still be able to participate in Monsters, Inc.. I’m sorry if this seems a little harsh. I’m not doing it to exclude people. It’s just that in the past when we didn’t have deadlines, the commentaries would sparsely get recorded because people were slow or never sent in their schedules, so these deadlines are the only real way to weed out the people who are sorta-kinda interested in commentating if they can find the time, from those who really want to participate.

Pixarians don’t actively participate in any fan medium on Pixar Planet, that I’m aware of, but that’s not to say they don’t listen, read, or look at anything we do - probably quite the opposite. It’s just that they are quiet about it. So, no, we have never had any Pixarian participate in a fan commentary, and I’d be surprised if that ever happened in the future. Just because Pixar may not listen to it (and you never know, they might), it doesn’t take away from the benefits and fun we have doing it. I’m not here to convince anyone to participate, but if you listen to the completed commentaries we’ve done, then maybe that will give you an idea of whether fan commentaries are for you.

So… the commentary date’s been switched to the 10th now, I presume?

Yes, because thewisecookiesheet couldn’t make it to the first option.

I can make it Tuesday evening. :slight_smile:

Meh, you guys get the easiest times. Me and rachelcakes1985 have to get up pwetty early (with rachel’s time being earlier than mine due to the one and a half hour difference) just for the practice session. You should consider yourselves lucky. :stuck_out_tongue:

12:00 midday for me isn’t exactly early, and I think I’m 1.5 hours ahead of you. :wink:

Does everyone who is going to participate in the practice have an NTSC copy of BURN-E? You can check the back of your WALL-E DVD to see whether you have an NTSC or PAL version of the DVD. If you don’t, let me know and I’ll send you an .avi version of BURN-E over Skype.

Ah, well. Guess if I do make it to the practice, I’ll be the most diligent commentator… or something.

Oh, and I’ve managed to retrieve my account. The user name’s Ominous Flare. And no, I’m afraid I don’t have a copy of BURN-E, or WALL-e, for that matter… :blush:

I’ve checked and I do in fact have an NTSC copy (and just as a precaution, I checked my copy of Monsters Inc. and it’s also NTSC.) :slight_smile:

I also have BURN-E BURN-ED to my computer for quick access. (Which one would you prefer I use during the commentary?)

Mygames19 - If they’re both NTSC and the same then it doesn’t really matter which one you use, probably the one that is least likely to stutter or skip (like DVDs tend to do sometimes).

I checked my movies last night, and all of them are NTSC.

DOO - Sorry. I’d love to do it on the 8th/9th time, but we don’t get back from stinkin graduation until an hour after y’all would’ve started. :unamused:

I added an extra time, Friday 12th/Saturday 13th June, just in case anything happens and we can’t record it earlier. But for now I’ll assume everyone can make it to Tuesday 9th/Wednesday 10th June…? Let me know if you can’t.

I think this video should be fine to use if you don’t have the DVD:

Could someone with an NTSC version of WALL-E let me know how long their version of BURN-E goes for, please? I do have the DVD, but it freezes when I try to watch certain parts of the DVD, like the short.

It’s 7 minutes 35 seconds, rachel…with the credits.

Thanks Hannah. =)

This is a 24 hour notice (as of the time of posting this message) about the Monsters, Inc./BURN-E practice commentary. Please log onto Skype and send me a message when you’re ready. Hope to see you all there. =)