Monsters University Logo

I’m sure that you’ve all seen the temporary Monsters University logo ([url]/Film | Reporting the Reel World) I think its pretty cool but no colour!! So I whipped up one of my own just quickly and thought I’d share see what you think!

love it, in the original one the Disney.Pixar brand names were missing

Looks good, but I think the 'M’s should have the same iconic monster eye in them as the original.

Looks amazing!! :smiley:

Somewhat decent, was hoping they’d do something unique with the U and return the classic Cyclops M.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ve tried again and this time I’ve tried to be more creative with the MU, originally the reason I didnt include the eye was because the logo stands for MI- Monsters Incorporated, so it has a very specific meaning when I look at it, but what I’ve tried to do is make the MU more of a monster mouth, I’ve added extra “fangs” and made the U represent the tongue shape inside the mouth, and I’ve included the eye so that it makes it a monster rather then standing for the letter I, so it takes from the old logo but uses it in a different way!! I hope you like it, I also resourced the colours so they match the original better, added shadows to the lettering to make it really stand out more!! Enjoy and please give more feedback!!

yeah, this logo has a lot more life to it!

That looks great! Nice work! :smiley:

I adore it! 1000x better than the Pixar’s logo!

very cool! I’d like to get varsity style college T-shirt with that on there. Or even just the MU because I especially like how you did that, with the cyclops M biting the U.

Nice job on jazzing it up, but I’m hoping that the final logo isn’t so… lame. o_0 Like the folks on the website are saying, varsity type? How much more predictable can you get? I hope Disney and/or Pixar come to their senses and render something… better. :smiley:

Looks awesome. Would really look cool as the offcial logo. Nice work.