More NOn-Pixar Categories for this years PP awards

Hope people don’t mind me posting this, this is just to spread the word. TDIT has announced that there will be more categories. This also includes Non-Pixar fanfiction and Best Non-Pixar artwork. Also other possible categories which could be affected in some way by Non-Pixar pieces include:

Best Video Maker
Best Graphic and Icon Artist
Best Fan Fiction Writer
Best Fan Artist
Best Original Artist

You can either edit your original post if you wish to add anything or post up pieces for the first time here: … sc&start=0

Time is of the essence though so get to it!

Edited URL link to FYC thread so first post shows up -TDIT

Thanks for spreading the word here, mentalguru! I’ve temporarily Stickied this thread for greater exposure.

And yes, all ‘Best Creators’ categories are not exclusive to Pixar fanworks. The only exception is ‘Best Original Artist’, which must not take into account the artist’s talent in fanworks, Pixar or non-Pixar.

TDIT, will these apply for the 2011 awards too? Just curious…

B&Wf- I don’t see why not. It worked well last year, and there wasn’t much complaints about it. It’s up to whoever is hosting the awards next year.