Most active forum/Most active topic

I’m sure I’m not the only one who notice’s this but why do some member’s not have this. I use to gave both of them and would tell mw hwat was my most avtibe topic and forum. The the forum one disappeared. A few mounths later, the topic one did. Some mebers here have both, some only the forum one, and some only the topic one. Some like me don’t have both of them. I am wondering what happened to them. Is it a glitch? Are they getten taken down? Or did I turn them off somehow. Been wondering this for a while.

Interesting. I have my Most Active Forum/Thread slot, but what I don’t have is an option for selecting my favorite short film. Maybe something got mixed up when the site was renovated? :slight_smile:

Mine is gone too, and favosite Pixar movie also.

I also hope they bring back User Groups.

I don’t have the option of picking my favorite Pixar Short either.

^ Me either…

Some of the member’s are friend’s wiht Philias om facebook. They can contact him about this.

I don’t have favorite short film either.