Most Anticipated Project from a Pixar Director

Most Anticipated Pixar Project

  • Cars 2 (John Lasster)
  • Brave (Mark Andrews)
  • Monsters Inc. 2 (???Bob Peterson???)
  • John Carter Of Mars (Andrew Stanton)
  • M:I.Ghost Protocole (Brad Bird)

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Most Anticipated Project from a Pixar Director

I really can’t wait for all Pixar Projects: Cars 2, Brave, Monsters Inc 2, and the non-pixar John Carter Of Mars, and also the next Brad Bird film from Paramount Pictures M:I.Ghost Protocole, but which one you are anticipating the most

Cars 2 (John Lasster)
Brave (Mark Andrews)
Monsters Inc. 2 (???Bob Peterson???)
John Carter Of Mars (Andrew Stanton)
M:I.Ghost Protocole (Brad Bird)

Definitely John Carter of Mars for me. I can’t wait to see Andrew Stanton tackle an epic space opera.

  1. Brave
  2. Monsters Inc 2
  3. Mission Impossible 4
  4. Cars 2

same here, now I say Cars 2 and John Carter, but it does not mean I am not excited about Brave and MI 2

I’m definitely most excited for Brave. although I was really more excited for it when Brenda Chapman was directing :confused: oh well. I’m still sure it will be a wonderful film.

Well, I’m probably alone here. M:I 4 for me!! I hate the first 3, but you know who’s directing, so, yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, wow! I didn’t know that John Lasseter had become even more involved than a “co-director” for Cars 2–totally missed that one. But great news for me.

Really, the film I anticipate most is 1906, but I can’t get my hopes up too high that it’ll even be made. The same goes for Newt. :`-( Instead, I’ll vote for Monsters, Inc. 2, even though I’m not sure at all what the story will be like and who’s directing it.

today, a strong rumor about MI 2 came out, it says that Monsters Inc 2 is gonna be a prequel and the plot was leaked too

go to the link to read about it

yeah, he took the director’s chair a couple of months ago, John is now the Director and Brad Lewis is the Co-Director

Im so exsited for Brave and King of the Elves
but i also heard that Disney they might be doing a version of Hans Christains The Snow Queen! but idk if its true

KHstar: Snow Queen got shelved, I believe.

DY darn at least ive seen a good version of it as a movie . thats why i was ganna go crazy if Disney was going to do it and i love Hans Y3

I voted for John Carter. Andrew Stanton is my favorite Pixar director, and I really like Sci Fi. And Mars. I can’t wait to learn more!

The second one I’m most excited for is Brave.

And yes, The Snow Queen is shelved, and I believe King of Elves is as well.

What?! :`-( Noooooooooooooooooooooo :`-( :`-(

Right now, I’m most excited for Cars 2 and Brave. I’ll also probably start getting excited about Monsters Inc. 2 once we get a plot. :slight_smile:

^Same, unless it is definitely a prequel. :frowning:

I voted Monsters Inc 2 because I LOVE Monsters inc! But I can’t wait to see John Carter of Mars and Cars 2 and Brave! :smiley: I’m not really interested in Mission impossible 4. But I suppose I’ll see it if Brad Bird is directing it.

That’s the only reason I’m interested. I haven’t seen 2 or 3, but the first M:I was boring.

I’ve never seen any M:I movies, and I don’t think I’ll see this one. Sure, Brad Bird is directing it and he’s one of my favorite directors. But I’ haven’t seen the ones and the movie itself doesn’t interest me at all.

My most anticipated is Brave, but I’ll almost certainly watch Cars 2 and Monster’s Inc. 2. Not sure if I’ll see John Carter or MI, I’ll have to see trailers first.

I love spy movies. And Mr. Bird has never made a movie I dislike. I’m pretty sure he’ll find some way to make M:I 4 tolerable. :stuck_out_tongue: I still need to rent 2 & 3…