Movies - both new and old

Hey, yah! I forgot about that one!


…but doesn’t it come out in 08?


it does.

I really can’t stand all this commercial fuss at the moment… it’s just way too much. I’m

only looking forward to Ratatouille.

I looooove classic films. It doesn’t matter the genre, old movies

are better. Much better film scores as well. Some of my favourites are Bride of Frankenstein, Our Town, Dracula

(the 1931 version), The Good Bad and the Ugly, Vertigo, Psycho, The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Magnificent

Seven, The Fearless Vampire Killers, Blow-Up, and a bunch of others that I can’t think of at the


And I adore Disney films, but especially the classics such as Fantasia and The Three


Just as long as it has action, adventure, and heroism, Then I shall be excited.

The sequel to Batman Begins

is coming out in 08. Heath Ledger will star as The Joker.

Aggie - I whole-heartedly

agree with you there, Aggie. I just watched [i]The Good, the Bad, and the

Ugly[/i] last night with my family, and it’s astounding how much more advanced and intruiging films

were back then in terms of story-telling and – as you stated – score. Of course, there were always those select

few cheesy films that didn’t quite make the cut, but still…

Everything now-a-days is special effects,

special effects, and special effects. It’s fine to view a beautiful picture on screen, but if the story isn’t

effective or note-worthy then…what’s the point?

Oh, and I do have to admit that I absolutely

love Peter Jackson’s King Kong. Some people liked it,

others hated it. I thought it was simply stunning… :slight_smile:

Aggie: My school’s Film Club president is an

incredible fan of Batman. He can not wait for that movie. I did not see the movie that came before this. But I

heard it was good.


Begins[/i] is currently my 14th favorite movie of all time. [i]The Dark

Knight[/i] (as the sequel is called) is certainly highly anticipated in my book. For the record, I

actually didn’t have too much of a problem with the previous four Batman movies before [i]Batman

Begins[/i] (i.e., Batman, Batman Returns,

Batman Forever, and, yes, Batman and Robin). I guess

the mediocre acting (IMHO) in the last one was rather obtrusive to the film, but overall, it was pretty

enjoyable, along with the other three that preceded it. However, they are nowhere near the level of brilliance

that Batman Begins has achieved (Batman Begins is

supposed to be a reboot of the franchise, and after watching it, I became really glad that they started


In regards to Indiana Jones 4, I haven’t officially seen the first

three (you can look at my previous post which should explain why I said “officially”), but I’m excited

to see those three, so I guess I’m quite excited to see the fourth one as well. It is a Lucas-Spielberg

collaboration after all - what more can you ask for? :slight_smile:

Finally, I actually just added [i]The

Good, the Bad, and the Ugly[/i] to the list of films that I’m most interested in watching. I was

doing some research (for fun) on recent Honorary Academy Award recipient Ennio Morricone, and I stumbled upon the

premise of this Western flick. I don’t usually watch Westerns, but the premise of this particular film is great,

and I hope the movie follows through.

Oh, and one more thing: I haven’t seen a single Alfred Hitchcock

film in my life - not one! A lot of people say that

Psycho is his best work, and it probably is, except the last time I voluntarily saw

a horror fillm was about eight to ten years ago, and I’m not really too keen on the idea of seeing another one

and getting disturbed for about a month. The Hitchcock film that I actually want to watch is [i]Rear

Window[/i]; I rented this from my city’s public library just before I went to university, but I never

got the chance to watch it, unfortunately.

CountSolo - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly is

definitely a “must-see” film for those who love westerns and a great premise of a story. I absolutely

love it and hail it as one of Clint Eastwood’s best performances, if I do say so myself.


“gasp” – you haven’t seen any Alfred Hitchcock films?! Oh, but you must!

There are so many great ones! Rear Window (my favorite), [i]The

Birds[/i], Vertigo, Psycho
I haven’t

seen “Psycho” yet, but I’m working on it.


Probably my most

favorite live action movie of all time has to be First Knight with Sean Connery, Richard Guere and much more. I

love the setting, the fights, the costumes, etc.

I love Who Framed Roger Rabbit. It’s

my favorite movie of all time!!!

Bill -

Oh gosh, how could I have forgotten that film?

[i]Who Framed

Roger Rabbit[/i] has to be one of my favorite animated cross-overs of all time. I remember when I

first saw that as I kid I thought, “Woah”. The thing had to be the most astonishing film I’d ever seen

in my life at that time, and it still is…come to think of it. It had me absolutely convinced that toons were

real – scariest, yet coolest, thing in the universe.

To this day, I’m still scared of it. And yet,

it’s one of those movies that you just can’t stop watching… My dad almost got

to work on it actually, but something came up and he didn’t get to assist in the animation. You can imagine how

much we all regret that now. (snigger) :stuck_out_tongue:

Mitch - Your dad got a chance to work on it but didn’t ? I am amazed!!! Yeah, that has to be my

favorite movie of all time. It thrilled me as a kid (even though I’m 15 right now) and is one of the reasons

I’ve decided on a career in animation. I absolutely love it!!! :smiley:

Bill - Yep – he came this close to working on the

thing, but alas! didn’t happen. It sucks. Well, actually…he did do some rough animation on Jessica Rabbit

before-hand, but that stuff never made the cut.

And awesome – good for you! That makes two of us who

will go into the animation field. :wink:

Another film I love is Watership Down.

It has to be the most depressing little feature I’ve ever seen in my life, but it sure is beautifully done. I

had a chance to (finally) read the book only a few weeks back, and it was just lovely. The film makes it seem ten

times more violent, though. Heh.

Oooh! Sorry Mitch, but

Watership Down was maybe the freakiest movie I think I’ve ever seen!


book was preety good though…

Mitch- Here’s my favorite line from Roger Rabbit

Roger: Yeah, check the

probait. Why, my uncle Thumper had a problem with his probait, and he had to take these big pills and drink lots

of water.

Gasduude - Haha – I agree. It was pretty frightening in


Bill -

[i]Not prostate, you idiot.

Probait![/i] - Eddie


Yeah, I love all those lines. The whole thing with Mickey

Mouse was just classic.

I have only seen the end of the Roger Rabbit movie. I still don’t understand it. Maybe next

time, I’ll watch the whole thing through.

What’s your favorite action movie?

CountSolo: Hitchcock films RULE! You

must see at least one… no… FIVE before you die, lol. Psycho is definitely his most popular, but there are

others that are wonderful as well. Vertigo took my breath away, and Rear Window was great as well.


by Northwest was awesome… great music, and what was great were the scenes without ANY music. I recently saw

Torn Curtain, which was cool for Paul Newman and Julie Andrews, but not his best work. Oooh, I need to watch more

of Hitchcock!