Movies - both new and old

I was just wondering what movies

you guys like and also what movies you are looking forward to.

I recently took a trip to
and basically went through quite a few trailers. So far I’m really looking

forward to Harry Potter 5, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Penelope, Waitress, and Ratatouille. I haven’t been to

the theaters since Happy Feet! I can’t wait for something to look forward to!

As for favorites, of course

it would be Finding Nemo and Pirates of the Caribbean. :wink:

Such a long list of movies. All were incredibly well

done. So much to choose from. Where do I start?


research upcoming movies, so you’ve picked my kind of topic!!! :smiley: Where do I start… Spider-Man 3, Pirates

of the Caribbean: At World’s End, The Simpsons Movie, Ratatouille (of course), Harry Potter and the Order of the


Did you guys hear about M. Night Shymalan’s next movie, The Happening ? After the poor reception

that Lady in the Water recieved, Shymalan says this movie will be a “return to form” meaning that it

will be more along the lines of his blockbusters The Sixth Sense and Signs. The film will be distributed by 20th

Century Fox, and will be Shymalan’s first R rated film. He says: " Tom Rothman felt very strongly for this

to be my first R rated film." Think The Silence of the Lambs and Pan’s Labyrinth. He wants a big Hollywood

actor to be the lead. It will come out June of next year.

Yay –

finally a thread on movies!

[b]Movies I


Comedies - When life gets you

down, you’ve gotta buy a laugh. The one great thing about letting out your humorous side via laughter is that

you don’t and can’t worry about anything at the time – and the same usually goes

for singing as well. Some of the classic comedies I enjoy include: [i]Liar Liar, Shrek, Ferris

Buller’s Day Off, 9 to 5, Beverly Hills Cop, Groundhog Day, Monty Python, Spaceballs,[/i] and

Blazing Saddles. This also applies to tv series and shorts like

Charlie Chaplin, The Little Rascals, and

Green Acres.

Generally, the funnier and stupider a movie is…the more I

like it.

Action/Adventure - [i]Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Jurassic

Park[/i]: these are all great examples of some of the more popular action/adventure films I enjoy. I

also love Clint Eastwood’s features and anything with James Bond in it. The more

explosions and shooting there is…the better.

Horror - I absolutely relish

in things that will scare me – it’s like I’m trying to see how much I can take before I finally wig out from

the pressure. So far, not one movie I’ve seen has scared me yet; of course, I haven’t seen

Psycho or The Exorcist yet, but I’m workin’ on it

(with the exception of The Exorcist – I ain’t seeing that for the sake of my own

sanity). As long as the horror film in question is not downright stupid or has a bad storyline, I will watch it.

Poltergeist is an excellent example of the types of horror pictures I enjoy


Documentaries - Documentaries are something I don’t get to see

everyday, but when I do…I can’t get enough of them. March of the Penguins and

basically any other animal-related documentary is what I will view.

Fantasy/Sci-Fi - Depending on the film, I can usually bear with the

fantasty/sci-fi genre of movies…if the story is good enough. Harry Potter, Narnia,

and Star Wars are some good examples.

I’m not too

fond of dramatic films, and romantic flicks are something I just dispise (can’t take the mush and love

and…yuck! (snigger) ). However, if it is a romantic comedy (ie.,

Hitch, Sleepless in Seatle, etc.), I will watch it just

for the laughs.

If I listed all the films I loved…the list would probably turn into an encyclopedia.

Henceforth, I just decided to list my favorite films according to genre and category…as I did above. :stuck_out_tongue:

[b]Film I’m Looking Forward

------------------------------------- [/b]

Ratatouille -

Pretty self-explanatory: I love Pixar (of course), I love rats, and the food looks

great. For more information on why I love this film, just look at my

Ratatouille-related posts and official blog.

[i]Harry Potter and

the Order of the Phoenix[/i] - Not many of you know this, but I am a

major Harry Potter fan. I’ve been to websites, read the books a billion times, and

cannot wait for the fifth film in the series comes out. I’d tell you why I love the

novels so much, but that’s another topic entirely. (heheh)

Spider-Man 3 -

Although I’m not much one for superheroes and comic books, I do love the Spider-Man

films, particularly because they were so well done compared to those “other” comic-related films out


Underdog - I’m not really sure why I’m looking forward to this

so much. Probably the main reason is because my sister and I made a spoof on

Superman entitled Superdog…and the premise is pretty

similar to Underdog so…we’ll have to see it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Up[/i] - It’s penguins…on surfboards. What more could you want?

There you have it! :smiley:

My signature already provides you a link to my list of favorite films, so I won’t

bother listing all those movies. The following movies are the ones that didn’t quite make the cut, but I thought

were brilliant nonetheless (there have been many brilliant movies out there that didn’t make my list, so this

surely isn’t a complete compilation):

  • Amadeus - This Best Picture-winning

biopic starring F. Murray Abraham and Tom Hulce concerns Antonio Salieri’s jealousy towards Wolfgang Amadeus

Mozart. It’s one of the best depictions of envy, and its subsequent detrimental effects, ever captured on

screen, which is why I think F. Murray Abraham deserved every ounce of that Oscar that he won. Not to mention the

brilliant music, costumes, and sets.

  • Finding Neverland - This movie, which

was also nominated for Best Picture, stars Johnny Depp as J.M. Barrie, the author of Peter Pan who, to put it

simply, is a kid at heart. Johnny Depp and Freddie Highmore (who later worked together to make

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which did make my list) give masterful

performances in this film.

  • [i]Dr. Strangelove, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love

the Bomb[/i] - A hilarious Stanley Kubrick movie that satirizes the Cold War. "Gentlemen, you

can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!" :wink: Oh, and, incidentally, it was also nominated for Best


  • The Terminal - One of Steven Spielberg’s most charming and witty

movies. It concerns a tourist, played by Tom Hanks, who gets himself in a sort of Catch-22 situation in the

airport (although you can argue that it’s really the airport workers who get themselves in a Catch-22 scenario

:wink: ).

  • The Iron Giant - A Brad Bird film about a young boy who befriends a

giant robot during the Cold War era. Need I say more? :wink:

  • Spirited Away -

Hayao Miyazaki’s Alice in Wonderland-esque story about a girl, Chihiro, who must

find a way to get her parents to stop oinking and gobbling up all that food. Trust me - there’s much more to it

than that. It won the Best Animated Feature Oscar in 2002.

  • [i]Mr. Smith Goes to

Washington[/i] - An inspirational film about a fledgling politician who filibusters in the Senate.

James Stewart stars in the title role.

  • The Lion King - Disney’s best entry

in its animated features canon, in my opinion.

  • Beauty and the Beast -

Disney’s second-best entry in its animated features canon (IMO), it is so far the first and only animated film

ever to be nominated for Best Picture.

  • The Polar Express - Excellent

Christmas movie for the family. The basic premise of the movie is believing in Santa Claus, but to me, the movie

also gives a wonderful portrayal of the importance of faith. How the AMPAS decided to nominate

Shark Tale over this film for Best Animated Feature is beyond me.

Groundhog Day - Bill Murray at his finest. I hope I don’t have to say that again

tomorrow :wink:

A link to the list of films that I’m really interested in watching (mostly based on the

premise) can also be found in my signature. Here are some other films that I’m also quite interested in watching

(this list is, more likely than not, incomplete):

  • Casablanca

Gone with the Wind

  • [i]Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s

End[/i] (upcoming movie)

  • Sunset Boulevard
  • [i]All the

King’s Men[/i] (old version)

  • The Lord of the Rings trilogy (despite

the fact that I bashed them back in those days when I somehow managed to hide under the illusion that the

Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings movies are

competing against each other. Thankfully, I’ve grown over the years.)

Finally, here is a list of films

(again, likely not to be complete) whose details (or even the basic plot) I could not remember despite having

seen them beforehand (the reason I don’t remember the details of these movies is that I was very young when I

watched them, so I’m definitely planning to see them again):

  • The [i]Back to the

Future[/i] trilogy

  • Mary Poppins

Aladdin (surprising, but true)

  • [i]Indiana Jones and the Last


As you can see, I am a really big movie buff. :slight_smile:

Wow, you guys have a lot of favorites… :wink:

At my house, my dad collects DVDs. You can’t even imagine how many there are… at last count it was

over 300. The sad thing is, that out of the 300 I’ve only seen about 30. I watch these few movies over and over

though… I’d rather watch a movie that I know is good than take a gamble and go outside of my box. I do watch

new movies in theaters though, there needs to be an amazing trailer to get me wanting to go though!

Man. I

realllyyyy want to see Little Miss Sunshine.

Okay, right now I am in love


The Big Lebowski- It’s just great. You just don’t get films like

this any more, seriously. There’s nothing else like this about. And I really, REALLY recommend going on YouTube

and looking at an…um, edited version of it- TBL is known for using a certain bad word more frequently than any

other film, and when they cut the whole film just down to this word, it’s hilarious! :laughing:

Fargo- Yar. Well, yar, this is a good film, yar, because the characters are

so lifelike and despite the heavy violence, it does leave you with this satisfied feeling at the end.


Ace Ventura: Pet Detective- The overacting in both of the Ventura films

is like second to none. Every line becomes a memorable and hilarious quote. It’s just SO funny. Alllll-righty


Hot Fuzz- Something more recent, yet so, so funny. It’s got a great

storyline, the acting is impressive, and the fact that the last ten minutes of the film is dedicated to getting

ridiculously massive guns and shooting old people is just pure brilliance.

And stuff for the future, well,

I plan on seeing the new Mr. Bean film soon, which just looks SO funny, but this summer, I plan on staying away

from the bombardment of sequels. I’ll probably have to see POTC3 with my friends, even though I’m not overly

keen. Spiderman will be pretty cool too, I think, but apart from that and, of course, Ratatouille, I haven’t got

much else planned.

Who else here loves Peter Jackson’s King Kong ?

People told me that movie was kinda long.

My goodness,

I can’t believe I forgot about that! Peter Jackson’s King Kong was a great movie,

and contrary to what a lot of people say, I don’t think it’s too long (at least it didn’t feel that way, which

is what counts in the first place). It didn’t make my list because it didn’t overwhelm me enough, but it

overwhelmed me nonetheless.

Since Jack Black is in King Kong, another great

movie came to my mind. The film’s name is School of Rock and I have to say that it

is one of the most surprising movies that I’ve ever seen. Before I saw it, I thought it was simply going to be

some kind of nonsensical slapstick comedy, but boy was I wrong.

School of Rock is a really

funny movie.

Here are some I like: (i put the years in for some of the

older ones)

  1. Help- Beatles second movie and my fav movie ever! They look great, it’s got great music,

and it’s so funny! (1965)
2. Cars-duh
3. Finding Nemo- second fav pixar movie
4. A Hard Days

Night-Beatles first movie. It really is a classic (1964)
5. Monty Python & the Holy Grail- everyone should

see this movie at least once! It’s hilarious! (1974)
6. Monsters Inc-3rd fav Pixar
7. Yellow Submarine-

Beatles animated movie. Yep! that’s right! An animated Beatles movie! Very Psychadelic (1969)
8. The Rutles-

Not really a movie, but a TV movie that’s a spoof of the Beatles, created by Python Eric Idle (1978)
9. I

Wanna Hold Your Hand- A hilarious movie of kids trying to get into the Beatles hotel and see them on the Ed

Sullivan Show when they first came to the US in February of 1964 (1978)
10. Aladdin- My fav classic Disney

movie! It’s just great!
11. The Little Mermaid- 2nd fav Disney movie
12. The Love Bug- This movie’s so

cute! I love that car, Herbie! (1969)
13. Give My Regards to Broad Street- Paul McCartney’s movie which also

has Ringo Starr in it. Didnt do well at the box office, but I dont know what everyone’s problem was cuz I like

it a lot (1984)
14. Clue- You guessed it, based on the board game. It’s funny, although it’s a bit confusing

the first time watching it. And it’s got 3 endings! (1984)
15. Young Frankenstein- This one’s a bit of a

cult classic. Also hilarious as well as sentimental. It’s basically a spoof of the Frankenstein films.


Movies i’m looking forward to (or at least plan to see) this year:
Possibly The Simpsons


Well, so you can see where my main interests lie! :stuck_out_tongue:

A good lively


Ohh…so many movies…practically have about two or three shelves full of’em…

Well I do

say I have a liking to several classics. The Marx Brothers…Bob Hope films…the Road Pictures he’s done with

Bing Crosby…
A few of those old family films such as Milo and Otis and Batteries not

Several of Will Smith’s such as Bad Boys and I Robot…

Nearly all of…difficult

name…but he produced the animated films Howl’s Moving Castle and Kiki’s Delivery service…

I kinda

have a split between Comondies, Animations, Horror, and Action/Adventure really. Love most old and new.

School of Rock is ‘okay’ in

my opinion , and one kid in my class kept repeating this one part ( he’s an actor , what can I say?)


is a really cool thing (doo-do-do-do-doo)
Math is a really fun thing (doo-do-do-do-doo)
So get off you ath

and do some math , math math math .

He also kept repeating another part of that song , but I can’t

remember how it goes .

A favorite movie of mine that isn’t so new is [i]Doc

Hollywood[/i] (1993) . It’s not that much alike to Cars , i mean , the same thing kind of happens (

except there’s one separate person for Doctor and Judge :wink: ) , but a lot of other things are different between

the movie .

Happen to get Doc

Hollywood a few months ago. Fan of Micheal “Marty” Fox heh.
Actually there has been several

connections between Cars and that film that the whole “stranded in a hick town” bit make the two


True , but I didn’t find it as

similar as some people (coughstep-dadcough) said it would be . I thought it was going to be so alike it

wasn’t even funny . But it wasn’t. It was just a small town and community service that I found similar . And I

thought he would have to fix the fence .

What live action movie are you most excited to see right now?

Well, aside from Pirates of the

Carribean 3, Harry Potter, and some others, nothing much really. :stuck_out_tongue:

For me:


Anybody interested in seeing Indiana Jones 4 ?