Movies that you like and a lot of people seem to hate

Me too! :laughing:

Treasure Planet is my big one. It’s one of my top 5 Disney films, yet everybody seems to hate it. Shame… :cry:

I find that most people haven’t even heard of it. Sadly.

I really like the first two Shrek films, but I find a lot of Pixar fans dislike it. I know that J Katz isn’t admirable in my opinion, but they are still two darn good films in my opinion.

I thought Treasure Planet had a wonderful premise (Stevenson’s swashbuckling adventure in space!). Although, I felt Jim Hawkins wasn’t a really strong protagonist - there was a ‘How To Write An Animated Film Script’ book, of which I forgot the title, where the author says that Jim gave up too easily during that scene on the deck with Silver (the one where he cries into the pirate’s shoulder). And I felt the same way too with a lot of the other characters like his mum and the sexy cat captain. Dr Doppler was my favourite, though, I just love his Freudian slips!

I loved Home On The Range when I first saw it a few years ago on a library DVD when I was a young uni student (it was also around the same time I watched Treasure Planet). I mean, the trio of spunky cows (voiced by Judi Dench, Roseanne Barr and Jeniffer Tilly) were funny, and that scene where they act all sad in the rain really got to me for some reason (along with one of the breaking the fourth wall wondering why “it always rains when it’s sad”). And the cattle rustler was one of the more hilarious baddies of Disney’s canon (he serenades the cows with his yodeling), although you could never really take him seriously. A lot of film critics and movie books I’ve read panned it as one of Disney’s weaker efforts, but to me, it had a lot more soul and wit than, say, Chicken Little.

Also Cuba Gooding Jr. voices a horse and Steve Buscemi, a one-legged rabbit!

I love that movie!

TDIT: It’s interesting that you mention Home on the Range! Because just a few minutes ago I mentioned it on another thread. I actually kind of like this movie. The soundtrack is great and I really like the character design. and you mentioned the cast. I think it has one of the best casts of any Disney animated film.

The story may not be fantastic, I admit that. But I think it gets more hate than it deserves.

I genuinely loved Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life. I know a lot of critics lauded it as one of the best films ever made, but an even larger proportion of them and the general public hated it. I can see how the experimental/nonlinear style might not be for some people, but I’ve heard stories about people walking out of the theater when it was still showing and that makes me upset. :frowning:

Ah, the Least Favourite Disney Movie thread?

Along with the points you mentioned, I think it’s the little moments of absurdist humour (like the little fly apologising at 1:26 of the trailer, that always gets me for some reason :laughing: ) that were also seen in another favourite of mine (and which a lot more Disney fans loved), The Emperor’s New Groove. In fact, they would make a great double feature because of their ‘revisionist history’ parodies and postmodern references.

Ding: Even though I don’t trust most film critics (despite being one myself), I’m very curious to see Tree of Life if only because they couldn’t reach a consensus on it. It is these kind of indie films which interest me, instead of the overhyped or overpraised ones like Slumdog Sweep-All-The-Gongs (it’s a wonderful movie, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t buy the praise poured on it) or what-on-earth-was-the-ending-about No Country For Old Men, or There Will Be Blood, which I fell asleep halfway through.

Another recent movie that divided critics, Cloud Atlas, is premiering here next week, and I’m very eager to see it.

My Father absolutely loves it, but I found it boring and a bit pretentious (if I’m honest).

Oh, you’re going to love Cloud Atlas! I’ve only seen a few films that can match its raw ambition. I thought it was the best movie of the year, and was really upset to hear that it didn’t get any Academy Award nominations.

I still need to see it!

Wait. There are people who don’t like The Emperor’s New Groove? I have never met anyone who doesn’t!

Oh man, then I’m really excited for it now, seeing as you’re one of the few members on this site whose opinions I follow.

Haha, it seems like we’ve been misunderstanding each other lately. 8D

I said:

If it is because I didn’t say “and which all Disney fans loved”, then yeah, I suppose in this case, there will definitely be a few who wouldn’t like The Emperor’s New Groove, just like any other movie.

Another recent one is Andrew Stanton’s John Carter. I watched it with two of my male friends and they made all these awkward remarks during the screening (“How come the female aliens got no boobs?”, etc) and they were kinda ambivalent after we walked out. One even fell asleep during the introductory scenes where Carter was on the run, before he got teleported to Barsoom. But the other friend did love the twist ending where [spoil]Carter sets up a ‘long con’ trap to kill his assassin in the crypt[/spoil]. I personally enjoyed the imagination and humour (the dog creature was adorably ugly) that went into it, and I wouldn’t mind watching it again - many critics panned it and it tanked at the box office. Which was a shame, for I felt it was underrated.

Oops, that was totally my bad!

Mea culpa… uh… aussi!

John Carter

While I wasn’t the biggest fan of this movie, I thought it received more hate than it deserved.

I definitely want to check this movie out at some point, being an Andrew Stanton fan and all.

It’s definitely worth seeing if you’re a fan of Andrew.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks John Carter deserved more love. I did my part by seeing it in IMAX with two of my friends, I just wished it had made more money seeing I admire the director and the source material (well, okay, I’ve never read the books, but I plan to embark on them someday).

I’m not sure, but it could just because of my large bias for Andrew Stanton!