Music Videos

I absolutely love your

Incredibles music videos, The Star Swordsman. The Helen

Parr one is my favorite, although I have to admit that I had a little trouble viewing the video – it was about

half-way through when it started “fizzing” up. Other than that, great job! :smiley:

Thanks for your reviews you guys. Here is another music video. This one is about

Violet and Helen Parr. Please enjoy.

Cool! Yer vids are

really good, when they play all the way through, lol! :wink:

[b]The Star

Swordsman[/b] - I finally got to watching your first Incredibles music

video – I have to say that it is absolutely

fantastic!! We Are Men is

one of my favorite songs in the animated feature Mulan, and this, coupled with your

creation, is like bread and butter.

Great job!! :smiley:


guys. Sorry for the long wait. Here is the next music video. This one is about

Bob Parr. It is like a story telling music video. It shows

how Bob has nice things in the world but they are nothing compared to his family.

Nice job on your latest music video, The Star Swordsman. It was

cool. :slight_smile:

Yay! Another

one to check out!

Thanks guys. I wish I had more people look at this. I really want to show the world

how much I love The Incredibles and how hard I worked on this.

Hey , that was pretty cool .

Sorry for the long wait guys. Here is the next one.

It is about Dash and how you can’t stop him. So without further a do, her is my

Dash Music Video

Another great music video TSS! :smiley:

Cool! I must go see…

I felt good about this one. Thanks for your comments. I plan to post another

one very soon if I am not too busy.


appearently, I was very busy. Who would’ve thought holidays would make you so busy. Well, here is my next MV you

guys. This is my Syndrome Music Video. This is just a

tribute music video to the my favorite antagonist of all Pixar movies.

Great videos, TSS!

I think my favorite is the Bob Parr tribute. Very nicely done. I also enjoyed your first Incredibles

And I didn’t know you’re a twin!

I would post some of my videos, but alas, I deleted my

youtube account because some of my videos were removed for… er, copyright reasons. :unamused: Ah well. Maybe

I’ll find another way.

I tried to check out the Syndrome video, but it said

it was removed by the user…

I liked your Dash video,

The Star Swordsman. Very nice – very cool. :wink:

Concerning the Syndrome

video, however, I also get a note that says [i]"This video has been removed by the

user"[/i]. Hmm…

Sorry guys. Try the link again.

Ok – there it goes. Thanks for fixing it.

Not bad. Great job on the video! I like it

even more than the Dash one, which is surprising, as I like Dash more as a character. (snigger)

Did you check out my other MV