Music Videos

Hey everyone. I started making Incredibles

Music Videos. I know some of you have seen them, but I want to show everyone what I can do. Here is the link to

my first one. I’ll post another Music Video in a couple days if I get enough people to watch it and review


First Incredibles Music Video

This one is

the first Incredibles Music Video I made.

If any of you have any music videos that you want to share,

please post them here. Or, I can teach you how to make one. I would be more than happy to do so.

Cool! I’ll have to check it


It was cool. The second video I’ve seen using that song. Only it stops about halfway through and wont play the


Has anyone not watched these? I am anxious for reviews


Yeah, that’s a problem I’ve had with

YouTube from time to time… It didn’t do it to me on this one, but it did on, for example, the Incredibles vs.

Simpsons thing that was posted.

Anyways, I thought your video was great, TSS! :smiley: You did a great job

matching visuals and lyrics. Some of them I actually found rather funny. Only part that bugged me was when you

had to “reuse” the clip of Helen brushing Violet’s hair back; there’s probably another clip you

could’ve used that would have been long enough, but maybe not, I’m not really one to talk, seeing as I’ve

never made one.

Just out of curiosity, how do you get the video clips that you use? I know how to work

with audio well enough, and I know that you use Windows Movie Maker, which I think I could figure out fairly

easily… I just don’t have a clue how I’d go about obtaining the actual clips.

Well Delf, I am only limited to DVD. I rip the clips by

using something called AoA DVD Ripper. (And no, I couldn’t find anything longer)

The more reiview I get,

the sooner I will put another one one there.

How can you be “only limited to DVD” if the DVD is the

whole movie? :stuck_out_tongue:

And I’m guessing AoA DVD Ripper is most likely not free?


AoA DVD Ripper can only rip clips from DVDs.

And yes Delf it is free. Thus, I assume that you are going to make a music video. Am I not right?


hope to make one sooner or later… Probably later.

Where would one find this

AoA DVD ripper???

Just type it on a Yahoo



everyone. I just uploaded another music video. This one is about Violet Parr. In the begining of this music

video, she starts out as a shy, insecure girl. As the movie progresses, she gains mor confidence until the very

end. Please watch and enjoy this music video.

[url=]Violet Parr

Music Video[/url]

Reviews and comments are always good folks. Your reviews, comments, suggestions,

criticisms, etc help and drive me to improve and to keep going.

I remember this one, TSS!!! Yes, I really did enjoy this one (as well as your first!),

and I’m sorry to say that I’ve had been having a hard time not being able to properly see your third film that

you sent me a while ago. (I promise I’ll see it soon!!)

Cool! Hopefully this new one will play all the way through for me!

Great!! The parts fit PERFECTLY with

the song! You should make a lot more!!

Oh I do have more. I will post another one next week. And thanks for your

reviews you guys. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Like 'em! It won’t let me comment though… I’m logged in!

Anywho- how do you make music


Thanks Musicalwolf. If you

can please review my other MV.

You really want to know how to make a Music video? Just PM me and I’ll

teach it to you.

I like your second one a lot! I cant wait to

see more!

Well now that ya mentioned it, I do have another Music

Video. Just posted last night. This one is about Helen


Helen Parr Music Video

Please enjoy.

I’ll post another one next week.