Musician Crushes?

Are there any musicians that you think are cute?

Here are mine.

Peter Cetera from Chicago

Steve Perry from Journey

Huey Lewis

Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin

Randy Rhoads

Elton John

Ringo Starr

Brian Connolly from Sweet

Haha, I’m proud to say I know who all of those people are! And I agree with you on all of them too. <3

I have a ton…probably the bulk of my “crushes” are on musicians, lol. I’ll make a big post when I come back! :smiley:

Awesome! I can’t wait to see who you like!

Whoo, ok finally! :smiley:

First and foremost…
(I think most of you saw this coming from a mile 8D )

Freddie Mercury from Queen. I think he’s gorgeous with a mustache too but the early Queen look with all the white satin and long hair is forever my favorite. It was how I first saw him. <3

I love Robert Plant, from Led Zeppelin. His lion mane is unforgettable. :laughing:

I’m also pretty attracted to both Roger Daltrey and Keith Moon of The Who.

David Bowie. He’s looked good for at least five decades. 8D

Marc Bolan from T.Rex :smiley:

Todd Rundgren, of all people, as of late. It’s more or less some odd fascination with him. His music’s great, BTW!!

And George Harrison! Honestly, any of the Beatles would do, I just have a special thing for George.

Sorry that these pictures are huge. :laughing: I’ll resize if it’s required by law.

Great list Leirin!!! I know all of your people too! :smiley:

I recently discovered that Neil Diamond was pretty good looking.

This is how I found out.
[url]You Got To Me - Neil Diamond - YouTube

He’s not acutally an official crush, but I’m just making an observation. :mrgreen:

Wow, he really is! Great fashion! :smiley: The only song of his I know is “Sweet Caroline” but that’s a good song. :smiley:

Also from Queen, John Deacon was pretty cute and often overlooked. :wink:

(I love the bowties he wore in the 70s :smiley: )

Also, when he was a teen…EEEE! :smiley:

^^Hehe, cute! I’ve never heard of him.

Lately I’ve had this thing with Peter Gabriel. Not sure yet if it’s a crush exactly, but an obsesssion thing. I’ve been listening to a lot of Genesis, Phil Collins, and him lately.

I think he is nice looking in some of the pictures I’ve seen, mostly around the 80s when he had shortish hair. This album cover has been popping into my mind a lot lately.

Well, maybe I like him with longer hair too sometimes.

Ooh, I like this one too!

Those are great photos!! :smiley: I enjoy his crazy get-ups in the early 70s too. 8D


Also, this gif. :laughing:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Where did you find that??

I love how the guy with the guitar off to the side is just like ???

I dont think I need to make it obvious but I will anyway :smiley: Actually all the Beatles were very good looking but for me one of them stands out above the rest

Yes! I fully concur with the above statement. :smiley:

Cool! Ringo is my favorite. :smiley:

Ringo would be 2nd favorite :slight_smile: He was my favorite back when I was little, but as I got older I gravitated toward John

Not only is Lana Del Rey a talented musician, she is also strikingly beautiful.

I also have a bit of a man crush on Buddy Holly… :loves:

Okay, I might…sort of…possibly…maybe…have a crush on Steve Winwood.

Excellent taste as always! Winwood is cute :smiley:

I’ve always had a platonic thing for Kate Bush. She’s just such a funny and gentle person, it’s hard not to.

Thanks! I just bought Balto and watched it last night, and there was a song by him at the end. I was like “STEVE!!!”

He’s actually the 4th guy named Steve I’ve liked. 8D

Isn’t she the one who sang with Peter Gabriel? I’m pretty sure she’s the one I’m thinking of, but I don’t know anything else she sings.

Jon Anderson is starting to grow on me a little.

He’s the one on the right on all of these pictures.

It seems like a lot of people don’t like this picture of him, but I like it.